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    After the exitement of the new The Martian trailers I figured I start with a very simple build. I wanna make the NASA Sweatshirt as worn by Kate Mara in one of the new stills. The small NASA logo I've found but finding a plain white sweatshirt with a similair faux V neck proves to be tricky.. Anybody know the name of this design of neck?


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    I think it's just a "V-stitch" or "double v-stitching" on a standard crew neck sweater, like this one from Haynes (I think)
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    Jockey: Did you since find a suitable sweater to make your NASA one?
    I found some with very similar design, but either the wrong colour or something already printed on it...

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    Looks like the NASA 'meatball' on that sweater is embroidered, which is pretty common.
    If you found the right type of sweater, these folks already have that insignia re-loaded into their machines and can, for the most part, make any size you want: I've used them in the past and they do really good work.
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