The Martian // Help Sourcing Unique Foam Panel


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Hey there! I'm heading up a small short film and looking for a similar type of material to the wall of the HAB from The Martian.

I know this was likely custom made, but would anyone know of a similar-ish kind of material we could buy for our set dec?

Martian Wall.png
If you zoom in on the original picture texture it kinda reminds me of a piddle pad. ‍♂️


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To me, by the sheen, it looks like a vinyl or similar material. The fact that the marker ink doesn't soak in, reinforces that thought. It might be a felt backed vinyl tabletop cover. Drop by your local fabric store to see if they have something similar.

Looks like vinyl with a grey checker pattern printed on, to make it look like its woven fibre, then quilted to give it that puffiness.

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