The Mandalorian - Unnamed Armorer reference and discussion

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I couldn't help but think that the Mando children we see running through the armoury were wearing the same helmet young Boba Fett uses in the the clone wars episode "bounty". Definitely just a theory given the angles and lighting but perhaps this is a Mando youngling/training helmet of some sort?

Sorry to take it slightly off topic but it seemed mildly connected.



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So far I made a 1:6 scale display built from 1:12 scale files I found online (landspeederLuke) but realized it was true to the forge in the show and then I noticed it was different from season 1 episode 3 to episode 8. The forge is wider on episode 8 - A stormtrooper falls into it. Also the number of flames change from 11 to 12.


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