THE LOST ROOM - any one have good images of the Polaroids?


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the one I am looking for in particular is the shot where the guys face is showing through the all black polaroid while joe is looking around the room. I am fairly certain I can make one that when the edge of the picture is squeezed it will turn from black to that image so I need a good one to work with.
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Re: any one have a good image for the lost room polaroids?

so no one has a decent pic of the "Occupant" from the show? hmmm. I have a smallish version of his face but I was hoping to get a higher resolution one before I started trying to clean it up and make it larger to get the resolution I need for a worth while print.

on another note is there any other part of the room that you guys and gals think would be as important to place behind the disappearing blackness of the photo?


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I'm almost a year late, but for great printable props from The Lost Room, go to