The Lion King Diamond Edition Blu Ray in 3D! Lucas could learn from Disney!


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Considering how disappointed so many of us are with the upcoming release of the Star Wars Blu Rays with all the changes I thought I'd share something Disney no less.

I think Disney has really gone downhill lately (with the odd exception) but my hats off to them for the upcoming 3D Blu Ray (due out in October). What an amazing visual treat it was watching last night..and the 3D works VERY well with it. I was skeptical since it was a traditional animation film, but it works VERY well in 3d...and the animation is still spectacular. It really works well as a high def 3d film! I know there are a lot of 3d haters here, but it REALLY works with this one!

Another point I IS 100% theatrical as far as I could tell. The extra musical number added to the last dvd release is gone and it is exactly as it was in theaters.

Seeing it in HD and in brought back all the emotion I felt from the first time I saw it years ago. I will be buying it for sure in October to show my support for a good product! Of course I won't enjoy the 9000 commercials Disney puts on their discs, but I appreciate the quality of the film.

The best part..the movie is the SAME movie I fell in love with years ago. No silly changes that distract and disrupt the film for me. No extra rocks, Mufasa doesn't yell, "Nooooooo!!!" when he sees Simba in the ravine, etc etc.
I just got back from seeing this tonight in 3D. I actually wasn't looking forward to being forced to watch this in 3D (no theaters in the area showing in 2D) ... but I have to say I was VERY impressed with the 3D. They did more with it than I thought it would be.

If anyone here saw it maybe you know what I mean, but it appeared the characters really had a 3 dimensional look to even their faces even though it was 2D cel animation. Like in the beginning you'd see Mufasa's face and his snout area appeared closer in depth than the rest of his face and it really appeared to be a well translated face and not just simply a series of plains converted to 3D. It was different and I have to give props for how they did it. I wasn't expecting to actually appreciate what they did to it.

The smoothness of the animated outlines look to have been very well cleaned up too. Great presentation and I was very pleased with it.

My only gripe is that it wouldn't have killed the theater to turn up the volume a bit. It was just a bit quieter than it should have been.
yes niennumb..the 3d did make the 2d cells appear 3d. I was didn't seem out of place at all. Looking forward to Beauty and the Beast in 3d soon.
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