The latest items in my Doctor Who Collection

The Next Doctor

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Well I was at the Comic Book Store and the owner had the Doctor's Recorder "Gun" waiting for me behind the counter.

Then I get home and the Laser Screwdriver and BBC Tardis Key, I bought in the JunkYard arrived.

All in all not a bad day, I just need a bigger shelf to display all of this.

I know useless without pics....



Great looking pieces for your DW collection!

I didn't know the 11th Doctor's recorder device was even available; is it a retail product or is yours a customised piece?

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I alternate between a few of them: that one, my Megatron McCoy key, a replica made by a former member here who passed away suddenly several years ago, my 800-Trekker key...


@The Next Doctor,

I should have looked up the CO catalogue!

Quite an impressive piece, I must keep an eye out for one the next time I go shopping.