The last of us Part 2

The last of us remastered (part 1)
Many pictures to come too and I saw a interesting thing; In the toy shop, there is a game called "Uncharted Board Game" :unsure:
Not yet in the game but I saw Ellie is writing a diary. Strange nobody talked about that.
All help available is welcome to have any informations about this item ^^
Not sure if you are asking about Ellie's journal in Part 2, but if that's the case, there are many replicas around in Youtube. I hand-sketched my own and, while I was at it, included my own pages for Part 1 and Left Behind, as well:
I am looking for a PDF version or screen captures from the PS4.
I could not find a PDF version of the journal. What I actually did was go to youtube, search for a video of all journal entries in TloU2 and pause to screen-capture the different pages myself. However, I deleted all captures when I finished my journal.

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