the Koon ( from southpark not a racial slur)


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I'm dressing up as the Koon from south park coon.png

there's a picture of what I'm going for ( really more of a "grown ****" since I'm not short , fat, or 11)

so here's my progress so far.

White shirt - check

Black pants and jacket- check

belt - needs to be done

Claws - needs to be done ( I was going to mod some Freddy hands froma costume shop unless anyone has a better idea)

the Letter "C" on the front - this is one I need help with friends, I've tried finding a high res image to print to my iron on transfer paper but canno't find a Letter C that matches , if anyone can find a Font or an image of it that would be perfect!!!

Cape - I have 2 yards of red fabric that I'm working on making into a cape. if anyone has a tutorial online they think is pretty cool I'm all ears, if not I'll just take a stab at it and hope for the best

Ears - Check

Tail - Check

Face mask - in progress.

hopefully it turns out well, I'll post pictures of my **** exploits when it's finished. Happy halloween RPFers!!!!!!!!


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I saw The **** at The New York Comic Con and got his picture. It was disconcerting being black in a sea of white people shouting for The **** to turn around...disconcerting but oddly still funny.
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