The Knives of James Bond


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I Recently had a custom made replica of the flat throwing knife as seen in the MI6 standard equipment attaché’ case, developed by ‘Q-Branch’, for all agents in the field.

The knife is CNC machined out of stainless-steel with a hardness of 56-58 HRC which the hardness of many German knives. This steel helps the knife remain sharp and is easy to sharpen.

It was hand-finished by the addition of slab side black Micarta handles. Micarta is a brand name for composites of canvas, linen, fiberglass and other fabric in a thermosetting plastic.

This canvas reinforced phenolic material has both good mechanical and impact strength with a continuing operating temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a strong and durable material that tolerates extreme heat and cold, resists moisture, solvents and grease and just about any caustic substances imaginable. It also doesn’t become brittle with age.

Most Micarta-handled knives will outlast their owner’s lifespan…the handles simply won’t wear out and will stand up to anything a knife should be used for!

This magnificent replica of the screen-used prop was produced using measurements taken from one of the original knives made by Albert ‘Bert’ Luxford for the film.

The knife was finished by honing it to razor sharpness. This is not a toy replica and could easily be used to ‘Take out’ Red Grant…should you find yourself in that situation.
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They used a Henry AR-7 in a James Bond Movie? That looks like a nice vintage one.


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They used a Henry AR-7 in a James Bond Movie? That looks like a nice vintage one.
Thanks! My rifle is an Armalite AR-7 made in Costa Mesa. It is the early model with the solid brown stock exactly as used in the film. The AR-7 was later made by Charter Arms and a few other companies and is now made by Henry. Even though they look somewhat similar, there are changes between all the others made by different companies. The ONLY one to get , if you want it screen accurate, is the one I have.


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What caliber is yours?

Did you know they original was built in1959 as a survival rifle for air force pilots, it was used in Viet Nam and it was adopted by the Israeli air force in the 1980s I believe the originals were a 22 super hornet. I have the newer Henry AR7 and its a 22LR, cool to have something that folds up so small. You can carry 3 preloaded 10 round Mags inside the stock and it al snaps up watertight and floats. I have flute case for mine which fits an additional 450 rounds in the front pocket and everything zips up into a little package about 18" long. It also has integrated rails and a 4x scope.

Add a silencer and it makes the ultimate James Bond Movie Assassins Weapon!

What movie was it used in?

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From Russia with Love.

It's a .22

As Ed taught me when Q shows him the attaché case Q says the barrel in the stock is the scope but it's not. The original did not come with a scope or mount.

That is a sweet set up you have there.


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the Armalite surely is not common and will be expensive, I see one on Gunbroker now the bidding at $500 with 3 days to go.

but the henry is easy you should be able to find one for under $300

The scope will probably be impossible and to get a suppressor now a days you have to file for a $200 NFA tax stamp. register it with the Gov and wait over a year for approval. But its worth the wait, If you use lower velocity ammo or sub sonics, all you here is a little puff and the clicking of the action moving.

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