The Knight Rider Historian Needs Help with FLAG semi restoration.

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For those who may not be aware, there is a channel on YouTube called The Knight Rider Historian, which details history about the show, attempted spin-offs and about the props and screen-used cars for the show. In fact, he owns several screen used items, including parts of the dash and, next to recently, one of the screen-used scanner lights from the jump car that had been crushed after the show was cancelled (from a guy who decided to save it before he was hired to smash the car). Most recently, KRH actually found the original screen-used semi truck used for the FLAG semi in the show and Kansa on restoring the vehicle back t how it looked during the production (as it had been solder off and repainted). Though he does ask for some help via GoFundMe (which is not the main thing for this topic), he is looking for a graphic design artist to help recreate the gold striping on the truck. The video has details to contact him if anyone's is able to. But outside of that, it's awesome seeing the truck still able to drive.


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