The Joker steal's the Show

Supa troop

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So this is my last weekend in the UK before i come visit the USA, so i had arranged to take my son to see "Batman Live" at the NIA here in the UK, i won't see my son now for 3 week's so wanted to spend a quality weekend with him.

Well this was a superb way to spend a sunday afternoon the show was IMHO awsome and the Joker really stole the show, from the moment he sprung jack in the box style onto the stage, the show was his.

At one point in the show he made Harly Quinn dissappear and reappear at different point's, the Joker was scary, nasty and funny just enough not to scare all the little batmans in the audience, my son was engrossed from start to finish, as was i and the future wife.

There were a couple of raised eyebrow moments with the story and script but on the whole this was an outstanding transition from the books/movie to the stage.
No expense was spared to wow the audience, from the fabulous sets, the engenius use of a rear projection screen and the fully working Batmobile.

but for me it was the joker all the way, he absolutely rocked the show.

apologise's for the poor picture's the security staff confiscated my big camera len's so had to use the little one.






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