The jaws kitchen


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I recently bought a house and over the last couple months I have been on a mission to have one of the wildest Jaws prop displays out there. So rather then displaying conventional kitchen nic nacs and what not I went a different direction... JAWS!

jaws_kitchen_001.jpg jaws_kitchen_009.jpg jaws_kitchen_008.jpg jaws_kitchen_007.jpg jaws_kitchen_006.jpg jaws_kitchen_005.jpg jaws_kitchen_004.jpg jaws_kitchen_003.jpg jaws_kitchen_002.jpg jaws_kitchen_010.jpg

jaws_kitchen_011.jpg jaws_kitchen_019.jpg jaws_kitchen_018.jpg jaws_kitchen_017.jpg jaws_kitchen_016.jpg jaws_kitchen_015.jpg jaws_kitchen_014.jpg jaws_kitchen_013.jpg jaws_kitchen_012.jpg jaws_kitchen_020.jpg

jaws_kitchen_022.jpg jaws_kitchen_025.jpg jaws_kitchen_026.jpg jaws_kitchen_023.jpg


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I've always struggled with what to do with that dead space above the cabinets... now I know. This opens up a whole new realm of decorating for me as well as gives me another room to take over (much to my wife's chagrin).


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I bet I know what kind of beer is in the fridge! :thumbsup

HAHA, if I did drink, the only beer I would drink is Narragansett. But I prefer Hooper's non alcoholic alternative with the Styrofoam Cup. Speaking of which, I think I know what my next Jaws prop will be...


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Love it. I'm having enough trouble convincing my wife about putting my JAWS collection in the cinema room, let alone the kitchen !


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Love it! Awesome job. Seriously. Really great. :thumbsup

Now all that you're missing is a fridge-magnet that says, "Here's to
swimmin', with bow-legged women." :D

That's a good idea. I almost purchased a wood sign to hang over a door way that said that.


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This is amazing, and certainly giving me ideas for my new kitchen. It won't be JAWS themed, but this certainly has my gears turning...


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That is freakin awesome! Saw the recent theater release of jaws and loved it! Nicely done. Where'd you get the beach closed sign? You need a yellow barrel to round out your props!

Mike J.

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Actually, do you have one of Hooper's flashers? Whoops, I see you do have one. Nice.

....I love Jaws so much....

Now you need to get yourself some replica scars!



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