The Jason's Light Up Original Lightsaber


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I really wanted to make a custom saber for myself that lights up. I decided to go simple this time. This lightsaber has three high brightness LEDs for lighting. In future I want to buy a kit and make a neopixel, but this isn't bad for now. I want the blade to be very secure so it is not removable, I made a second saber without the blade as a belt hanger.

I wanted to get a good picture of it all lit up so I built a four foot by two foot section of death star wall out of plywood. There is no photoshop in the image, that's how it all looked to the camera. All in all I'm pretty happy with the "money shot" picture. Take a look and let me know what you think.

The Lightsaber Design
The Jason's Lightsaber 2019 post.jpg

The In Action Shot
Jedi Jason With Lightsaber post.jpg


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Clear film would disperse the light much more evenly and will appear brighter and less of that flashlight in a tube look.


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This was just a prototype. I will probably rebuild this design with a Neopixel blade... those seem the best from everything I've read. Thank you for the comments.


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Lots of control for sure... (which can make for some really awesome effects)

(not sure if you are using a specific sound board with it? ir just an Arduino or something with no sound)....

Downside is the high current needs.. so usually makes run-time (battery) short.

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