The IT Crowd - season 5?


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Has anyone heard any recent news about the next season of The IT Crowd? I would have thought it would have aired in the UK by now...
Here's the only update that I could find


"With Series four of the The IT Crowd aired you can now already get excited for a fifth season. The writer and series director Graham Lineham has announced that Channel 4 has already commissioned at fourth season.

However at a Bafta screening of the first two episodes of season 4, he also announced rather than writing the script himself it will be put together by a team of writers.

There is currently no news yet who Graham Lineham will use on the writing team.

In May 2011 Graham Linehan was quoted as saying that he intended the fifth series to be the last as he wanted “one more series to really say goodbye to the characters and the fans” and did not want it to become “a zombie series where the show is dead but its body is still moving around.

This does mean there will be no season six if he does go ahead with the current plan. Season 5 is planed for this year but as the year gets closer and closer to the end it may end up being early 2012 till we see the last season of the IT Crowd."
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