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The Invisible Man velvet FX suit display


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hey all,

If you've had a look at the new PIH auction catalog, you may have noticed this display on the back cover - Hollywood Memorabilia Auction 43 - Profiles in History

A client came to us with an Original Black Velvet visual FX costume, used in 1933's The Invisible Man. He wanted a unique display that helped showcase not just the costume, but also how it was used in the film.

Together, we came up with the display you see below. After discussion with the client, we added some reproduction elements like the jacket and head wraps, (some provided by KMD and the talented Kitty Herbert) which gave the piece instant recognizability and context. We designed a stylish base (crafted by Arnie Holland) and built a customized mannequin to fit the costume and dynamic pose.

With an added black velvet backdrop, you can easily get a sense of how it was used in the film... the old-timey version of greenscreen suits!

It was an absolute honor to work on this original piece of film history.

Art Andrews took some wonderful photos of it before we crated things up, and those pics are now on the TSD website: Custom Mannequin Original Invisible Man Movie Costume Display Statue

Please visit our site today to read more about the project, see more photos and see the full credits to all artists involved.

Thanks for looking!


Movie-Costume-Mannequin-Invisible-Man-2_1.jpg Movie-Costume-Mannequin-Invisible-Man-3_1.jpg Movie-Costume-Mannequin-Invisible-Man-1_1.jpg
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Guardian Devil

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Gorgeous display Tom.
I'm always so humbled by your costume displays, it certainly gives me something to shoot for :thumbsup
Every time I see a thread like this, the pictures just don't seem to load fast enough for me :lol
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