The Invaders Disk Weapon?


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This was an awesome show starring Roy Thinnes as a guy who finds out about an alien invasion of Earth.
He tries to thwart it, but nobody believes him because the aliens look just like humans, and disappear when killed.

The aliens use a weapon to dispose of troublesome humans, a disk that they press against the person's neck and which kills them by apparently natural causes; a cerebral hemmorage.

I'd like to make a replica of this weapon, but I can't find any good reference material.
Any ideas?


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Yep, made one out of a 3M round touch lite (the kind you stick in dark closets, etc. Take the lens out cut a piece of cardboard, hole punch five holes in a star shape, scotch tape some clear or colored plastic behind the holes, glue on, add a grey colored paper pattern( Elmers)over, put a black dot in the center. The cardboard flexes when you push the center lites up. same to shut it off. Less than ten bucks to make.
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