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  1. Hello! This is my first thread on this website so excuse my noobness if I make mistakes :)

    So, sometime in November last year I thought what the hell and I decided to make an Infinity Gauntlet out of foam. Now I want to make it as close as I could to the Marvel Cinematic Universe version, however I am also making it a tad simpler in some areas so I could save my self some time.
    That didn't work....

    This has been an on and off project for months now, I made the prototype (Before that I did a paper model just to make sure of everything). And two of my friends are commissioning me to build them one each. So in the video you are about to see, at first you will see the prototype. However the one my friends are paying for, it will be sealed, painted, distressed and gems will be added!
    After all this, something to note is that I decided what the hell, and I am now videoing and documenting the process of making it hence why you will be watching I video of the build so far.

    This will be a multiple part series on my YouTube channel which will allow me to take my time with this and also give you guys content without having to wait months between :)

    So without further waiting, here is part 1 of my INFINITY GAUNTLET BUILD!

    Let me know what you think down below and I'll reply and give updates whenever there is any to give :3
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    Will be following with great interest! Templates would be good. :)
  4. I'm on the fence about templates at the moment due to people perhaps taking them for granted. I do have them as I made a paper template for this using freehand and such (This took a lot of hours). Plus I would have spend my time drawing them all out, scanning them and then making instructions and labeling them. I don't want to do that right now. However in the future I may do them if I can afford the extra spare time.

    If enough people do want them before then, then I guess I could, but since this a commission project I have to make that a priority.

    That being said, thank you both for the nice comments I really appreciate it :)

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    What a fantastic build so far! I wish I would have known more about craft foam back when I made my Infinity Gauntlet. I might be inspired now to make a second attempt!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing yours painted. Are you going to go with hand brushing or spray painting? I'm always worried spray paints will crack on foam builds.
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    So fricking cool! Ive always wanted to make/have an infinity gauntlet
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    its all good man!
    i completely understand
    just keep doing what you're doing
    i cant wait to see the finished gauntlets
  8. I'm gonna use plasti-dip, then spray it, and then use a paintbrush to distress it :p

    And everyone else, thank you for the nice comments I appreciate it :)

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