The Indiana Jones Paper Prop Archive (On Hiatus - Returning in August)


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I tried to DM with my email address, but the system wouldn't allow me to include the full address. I wrote it as the address, followed by at I'd really appreciate access if at all possible.

Celeste Conway

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Another Update for Clarity and Explanation.
I sincerely apologise for the delays many of you have had and just went through the latest backlog and approved all the trustworthy members there were.

Regarding how to access the archive I need to clarify due to my own mistake of having it in my signature that some people spam that expecting to get it I apologise for this and am removing the link as this doesn't work and only fills up the backlog. I'm now setting up a proper method of approving people through messages, so instead of dming through THERPF just send your details to - as that would give you the quickest way to me and approval.

Finally regarding rorschach's above comment, I truly do not wish to steal anyone's props or put pieces of work in without the original creator's approval, the only new pieces I accept that aren't part of my own or my friend fabilousfab's collections are ones provided by the original creators with their permission, which several members have done. The whole purpose of this archive is to provide a place for beginning paper prop makers to enjoy the vast pieces featured in Indiana Jones Media and have a shot at making their own for free without having to buy them second hand through places like etsy and the approval process is also part of this to avoid those kinds of groups from selling off paid pdfs.

I hope this cleans up some of mistakes I made starting this Archive as I continue to improve it, in fact I'm currently working on making a brand new domain for the archive that would work through a password system and allow me greater control then the Google Drive System.

I once again thank you all for your interest in this project and hope to hear your responses and any further questions you may have.


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This is a great idea to save people going through everything only to mainly find dead links.
Emailed you for access by the way.
Hi - I've noticed you have liked my message but I still cannot get into the Google archive, just wondering if you have given me the access yet


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Thanks to the gorgeous additions by Fabilousfab the following items have been added to the Archive:

Ravenwood Diary Pages and Elements
Katanga Pinups
Raven Bar Items
Indy Voodoo Doll Patterns
Grail Knight Manuscript Pages
Last Crusade German Documents
KOTS Wedding Invites
Ark of the Covenant Book Cover
Eye of the Peacock Map
as well as dozens more!

Currently accepting more invites and slowly working through them to avoid Prop Pirates and also continuing my own search for props.
Keeping an open ear to any dms of additional props.


Hoping to get access as well, although I see that the original post, which was last edited June 20, says applications are on hold for now.


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Thats ok, I can wait - it gives me more time to work on my editable diary - I'm halfway through signature 3
I just printed the video game diary and the 10 signatures. by the way, i hate my printer. i had to print single side. i am going to do it scrap book style and cut out each page and glue it into a master book. then i will hand draw all the pictures. should be done around summer 2023

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