The Incredible Hulk (tv series) GAG REEL

Jet Beetle

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Gone but not forgotten.
I'm sure there are plenty here who have already dug up this gem on youtube but It was all new to me - This is why youtube was invented - so we kids who grew up on old shows are finally able to see something once reserved for production staff - do yourself a favor and check it out!

The Incredible Hulk Gag Reel - YouTube
I had no idea Bill Bixby's nostrils were that big! I mean they're freaking HUGE! :eek :wacko

That was great! :D :lol

"He's also an eggbeater."

"WHAT ****ING ROAD JACK?!|" :lol:lol:lol

I've heard from a few sources that "Bix" liked to keep the mood on-set light whenever possible (and not just on The Incredible Hulk); it probably made it easier to endure the long hours the crews had to work.
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