The Hunger Games Costume Reference [Picture Heavy]

Hey, Everyone! During the last few weeks in December, I was able to do a few day trips to New York City and visited the Hunger Games Exhibition Twice (first time I had time constraints, second time not so much). I went for my sister since she couldn't make it due to travel and time constraints. She wanted pictures and well pictures turned into over 2300. When I realized I was taking many photos, I decided to post them here as well. I shot all the photos in jpg and raw at the same time. Now unfortunately at my university here in the north east I don't have the best of internet (My university has been known for 5 DDOS attacks in a year), I will share these photos with you though Flickr currently at a reduced size and if requested, I can release the .NEF files. Below is a master list of all the costumes. They will become hyperlinks as they are posted, also due to Flickrs way of embedding photosm limited photos will be here however I will have at the end of each post a link to the full gallery.

Please note, during the first trip some of the pictures came out really dark, but there are the NEF files that might be of some assistance.

Beetee D13
Boggs D13
Caesar Capitol Interview
Caesar Quarter Quell
District 13 Jumpsuits Effie-Gale
Effie Butterfly 42 Photos
Effie Reaping 89 Photos
Effie Tribute Train 38 Photos
Finnick Quarter Quell Portrait
Gale THG Woods
Haymitch Captiol Party
Haymitch Quarter Quell
Haymitch Tribute Train
Johanna Training
Katniss Captiol Party
Katniss Charriot
Katniss Girl on Fire
Katniss Mockingjay (73 Photos)
Katniss Mockingjay dress
Katniss Reaping Dress (44 Photos)
Katniss The HungerGames
Katniss THG Woods
Katniss Tribute Train (24 Photos)
Katniss Wedding Dress
Katniss-Gale D13 Woods
Peacekeeper (75 Photos)
Peeta Capitol Interview
Peeta Captiol Party
Peeta Charriot
Peeta Quarter Quell 44 Photos
Peeta Tribute Train
Plutarch Captiol Party
Pollux D13
Prim Reaping (47 Photos
Rue Battle Arena 10 Photos
Snow Capitol Party (58 Pictures)
Snow Catching Fire 2
Snow Mockingjay Part 1

Effie's Shoes (The Butterfly Dress):
Effie's Shows (District 13 Jumpsuit):

.NEF Files:
RAW NEF Links (6000x4000; All photos equal around 37GB):
[B]Beetee D13[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Boggs D13[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Caesar Capitol Interview[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Caesar Quarter Quell[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]District 13 Jumpsuits Effie-Gale[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Effie Butterfly[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Effie Reaping[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Effie Tribute Train[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Finnick Quarter Quell Portrait[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Gale THG Woods[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Haymitch Captiol Party[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Haymitch Quarter Quell[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Haymitch Tribute Train[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Johanna Training[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss Captiol Party[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss Charriot[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss Girl on Fire[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss Mockingjay[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss mockingjay dress[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss Reaping[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss The HungerGames[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss THG Woods[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss Tribute Train[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss Wedding Dress[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Katniss-Gale D13 Woods[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Peeta Capitol Interview[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Peeta Captiol Party[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Peeta Charriot[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Peeta Quarter Quell[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Peeta Tribute Train[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Plutoarch Captiol Party[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Pollux D13[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Prim Reaping[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Snow Catching Fire 1[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Snow Catching Fire 2[/B][URL][/URL]
[B]Snow Mockingjay Part 1[/B][URL][/URL]
Flickr Gallers
Beetee D13 D13
Caesar Capitol Interview
Caesar Quarter Quell
D13 Effie-Gale
D13 Jumpsuits
Effie Butterfly
Effie Reaping
Effie Tribute Train
Finnick Quarter Quell Portrait
Gale THG
Haymitch Capitol Party
Haymitch Quarter Quell
Haymitch Tribute Train
Johanna Training
Katniss 1
Katniss Capitol Party
Katniss Chariot
Katniss Girl on Fire
Katniss Reaping
Katniss Tribute Train
Katniss Woods (THG)
Katniss/Gale D13 woods
Mockingjay Armor
Mockingjay Dress
Peeta Capitol Interview
Peeta Capitol Party
Peeta Charriot
Peeta Quarter Quell
Peeta Tribute Train
Plutoarch Capitol Party
Pollux D13
Prim Reaping
Prom/Ms Everdeen D13
Snow Capitol Party
Snow Catching Fire
Snow MJ1
Wedding Dress
Upload Status; (42/42) (1,634/1,634 Photos)
NEF Upload Status: (42/42) (1,634/1,634 Photos) 100%

Disclaimer: Please do not put these links onto other web forums. These NEF Raw Photos are here to help you and your costume replication. Please do not list these photos for sale on any site such as FineArtAmerica, Smug Mug, ect. There is a possible 10GB limit in bandwidth on my box account, if you can't access it please let me know.
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