The Hobbit United Cutlery Resin Replicas - UC3106


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I was really hesitant on these. I've heard nothing but negative feedback online. I own alot of UC stuff, but nothing 100% resin until now, and for me, the negative feedback has held true. I was looking at buying Dain's WarHammer and War Helm, but at $249.99 and $349.99 I didn't wanna risk taking the hit. After being in touch with UC and discussing how quickly Thorin's Regal Sword went on clearance after a year at BudK, the response I got was:

"I don't look for the Dain items to be out for a year. We aren't producing multiple shipments of them as we have some other LOTR/Hobbit items. When the ones that are out there now are gone, the will most likely be....... Gone."

So, the items being new, I looked for reviews and found my first one recently on Dain's Warhammer, basically to sum up that particular Amazon buyers experience quickly its:
At this point I'm thinking no on UC's polyresin. Browsing eBay I find the sold out Thorin's Regal Sword, which is what I read most of the negative hype about. Up for bid at $189.00 I figure why not. We'll see what UC has to offer and go from there. Basically I was willing to $200, as it was retailed from UC at $489, BudK's retail "sale" price was $269.99, and they cleared it out for $107. So I figured middle ground would be okay, long story short got outbid at $200, seller had two, gave me a 2nd chance offer for $200 and I bought it then played the waiting game for it. It arrived yesterday.

UC3106: Regal Sword of Thorin Oakenshield

Upon opening it the first, minor thing that caught my eye was that the raven guard was slightly chipped. However immediately I went to a black sharpie which upon smearing hid the exposed material perfectly, you'd never know. Despite what I'd read I was pleasantly pleased at first, it has more weight than you'd think, though its size as advertised is not "too big" to do in steel, otherwise Kili's sword would have been too big to do in AUS-6 as well... oh but it is steel. Go figure. What really got to me though:
As I had read plenty of times before and heard from talking to others who had purchased it, a small hairline stress fracture sure enough running almost completely around the handle. I honestly wondered was it bad paint or cracked. So I sent the picture to another collector who claims I got both lol. "A bad paint job and a fracture. It should be fine if you don't slay any orcs with it hopefully. My plaque came cracked as well, it bothers me how fragile these resin items are." For me this wasn't enough to send the item back (lazy) but it is very disappointing that what I've heard on UC's resin stuff held true for me. The eBay seller even offered a partial refund but I was slow getting in touch with him on that so I'm waiting for his offer. I sent pictures of this and the Dain hammer to UC, which I will add, over the phone and facebook UC has outstanding customer service, they said they didn't know this was a problem and the first they'd heard of it. That they would send this information up to have materials and molds worked on for more durable products. Whether or not that happens I won't know really. But this does do enough to keep my away from full polyresin replicas I'm afraid, unless I can inspect it before purchase. Also there is pretty much a warning letter with UC3106 stating how fragile it is. The jist of it is: Hang this up and try your best not to touch it anymore unless cleaning it off. I hope this helps anymore in the market for UC3106 or the Dain items, inspect them carefully on arrival. I'll be keeping this one, just won't be in a very noticeable spot on the wall, I'm a little OCD, knowing its cracked will bother me haha.
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