'The Hobbit' - Thorin's Map


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They haven't released the one from the movie yet, but this is my rendition from my 1965 'The Hobbit' copy that Tolkien drew!

It's currently an interest thread over in the junkyard if anyone wants one made! http://www.therpf.com/f13/hobbit-thorins-map-132692/

It's all hand drawn in pencil and went over with India Ink and red ink, with light blue, fading pencil for the dwarven runes in the middle. For distressing I've used a painting method with watercolor on textured paper.

I'm currently trying out bigger sizes and paper weights, as well as canvas. Right now, this one is 9x12. I'm working on one now that's 19 x 25.5. I also have available to make 16x20 in canvas.

This is a first run, and I'm fining out the details. If you want it rolled up and tied with a red satin ribbon, (or any ribbon color of your choosing), that can be done as well!







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