The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings Props, Replicas, etc


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Hey everyone, I don't get to visit RPF that much anymore. However with a tumultuous amount of collectibles out there I do enjoy sharing and seeing what others have. For the time being other than this forum I've also created a "Collector's Group" page: so that we can share, for me, in what would be an easier method. Or sell, trade, etc, whichever/whatever you like.


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Its just far easier to log onto facebook and see people with common interests than have to log onto another site and scramble through 100+ pages of forums. Ishkh khakfé andú null...
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Yeah, just another guy who thinks he can have the same info, the same community, the same experience on the RPF, on his own facebookgroup... If there is one place where there's a lot of crap and BS, then it's facebook! The last place I want to get my info about props is facebook. No way the quality of the RPF can be reached with a facebook group.

But hey, why don't you try, mate? You are not the first and won't be the last. But none of the interesting people here will join your group, that's for sure... :facepalm:facepalm:facepalm
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