The hat they call Jaaaayyynnee

Minder Thr33

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I just got this in the mail and thought it would be neat to post it. The hat is pretty nice and the packaging made it extra special. In case you can't read the note it says,

My dear boy,

I hope you are well and that you get this soon in your travels.
Thank you for the credits you forwarded. They have helped as Matty is still sick with Damplung.
I made you the enclosed to keep you warm in your travels.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Mother.

Very nice touch.



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when a man walks down the street with a hat like that.....


awesome replica man.... truly awesome...

if i could find one that wasnt wool, id get it. wool makes me itch :(



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Hey, my Mom made that hat for me... Give it back....

Nice one. I recently picked one up myself. Mine is just a little different, but very much the same :)

I cannot wait to wear this hat this winter. Looking forward to seeing some of the neighbor's expressions as I shovel snow in it.

Excuse the mess.


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That hat makes you look stupid.


I ordered one a few weeks back. Should be gettin it any day now. I did get my "fighting elves" shirt today which I am wearing right now.

Minder Thr33

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How about a link to where someone might be able to order one of those fine looking hats?

Wear with
I ordered a few weeks after Serenity hit and there were twelve orders in front of me. Not sure if the demand dropped with the movie or if it raised with Winter coming along. In any case, Heather is great to deal with.

Those things were so popular with women at Dragoncon this past year I found it just amazing.

Always good to know :)


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My girlfriend knit one for herself as a test run (it was too small for my head and a little too thin); but I should hopefully have mine finished in a week or so, can't wait.
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