The Hammerhead. A blank firing Cyberpunk prop

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    I initially posted this in the workbench thread, but I figure it deserves it's own thread since it's going to have a lot of work in progress pics to follow.

    It started life as a simple top firing Ekol Asi, which is an UZI replica blank firing prop gun, for those who don't know. For years you could only get these with the muzzle flash venting on the top. That's OK for training, and I have seen some low budget films use top venting blank guns here and there too. I even used a top venting Glock in a film I made in Tampa years ago.

    Anyway, how she looked at the start.


    I don't have a use for a top venting gun, and my brain started working on ways to change that, and to have some fun making this into something else. So, I went to work.

    Redirecting the flash from top, to forward.

    asi1.jpg asi2.jpg asi3.jpg

    I had a basic idea of the direction I wanted to take the design, so I threw together a sketch.


    Here it is now, kind of frankengun, greeblied looking. I wanted to use MDF as the base for the stock, but could not find inch thick MDF anywhere. So I ended up using a pine table top kit. Pre sanded.

    The circle in the drawing is meant to be a data jack. I'm designing it so the user can jack into the gun and use it's sighting system. Close up.


    asi6.jpg asi7.jpg

    I may use the top cover, I may not. Depends entirely on how she looks on camera.I may also change the front cover. I was initially going with an airsoft swordfish style "striker" front end. I kind of like the hammerhead blunt look of this piece though.

    I have a few more parts to fabricate, some more greeblies to bolt on to the stock and the plastic shell of the gun (which has a full auto beretta 92 replica inside) but she's almost ready for painting and weathering. Almost.

    More photos once she's there.

    And just for kicks, a few more cyberpunk guns for the film we're shooting in Detroit very soon. Built on a blank firing zoraki 918. Inspired by the 1992 film Nemesis, which put huge scopes and compensators on everything. And I like that.



    And this is one I bought a few years back. It's a screen used gun from Mystery Men, I took off all the rainbow reflective tape though. Built by the awesome Stembridge Gun Rentals.


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    Re: Top firing Ekol Asi into a front firing Cyberpunk prop

    Cool work Noeland! I especially like the modified zoraki. Looks post modern without too much fiction.

    Personally I like the look of the top cover but, as you said, depends on how it reads on screen. In either the case, the mods look fantastic!
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    Re: Top firing Ekol Asi into a front firing Cyberpunk prop

    Thanks! Yeah, I think I'll be using the good old spas pump handle top cover. It gives it a nice seburo anime look I think. The more I look at my sketch the more I see the smaller SMG type guns from Elysium. Which isn't a bad thing, I really like the weapon designs from that flick, but it's not my intention to recreate that look.
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    Re: Top firing Ekol Asi into a front firing Cyberpunk prop

    That Mystery Men gun is awesome. If you ever decide to sell please PM me.
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    Re: Top firing Ekol Asi into a front firing Cyberpunk prop

    Some updates. Painting is done. Assembly is done. Now it's down to the small details, the weathering, etc.

    hammerhead_pic2.jpg hammerhead_pic3.jpg

    I built the stock disconnected from the rifle, so it kind of took on a life of it's own while I was doing that.

    It's busier than I initially intended it to be. I have not done any screen or lighting tests yet. But soon. I like it though.

    Here is a work in progress shot on the stock.


    After lots of detailing and paint.

    stock_paint1.jpg stock_paint2.jpg

    And something I threw together for fun, that will probably become a flyer on the workbench of the gunsmith in the film, or maybe the cover of a user manual.

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    Re: The Hammerhead. A top firing Ekol Asi into a front firing Cyberpunk prop

    A few new shots of a can for 81mm mortar rounds, which I picked up at a military swap meet. This will become the gun case for the Hammerhead. I need to pick up some foam.

    HH_incase1.jpg HH_incase2.jpg HH_oncase.jpg
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    Needs more holes :)

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    Nice rendering. I thought about that actually. Still might do it. As I mentioned, this isn't really the finished piece. Still some finishing touches to add.

    It occurred to me I never shared this concept art I did for the film.

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    Putting together a second model. The Hammerhead 2.0 which will feature in a film we will be shooting in the fall at Pinewood Studios in Atlanta!

    Still have to finish the stock for this one.

    HH2.jpg HH2_2.jpg
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    looks like the kind of thing where you have to change the magazine after every trigger pull..... i like it .
  11. Noeland

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    If you run it full auto, it does empty the mag pretty quick. Eventually I will have some video of it up.

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