The Hallows Collection - Harry Potter - Build Log

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Little update:

I've got the cup pieces glued up. Just waiting now for the epoxy to fully cure, and then I can tackle the seams, and fixing the little bit of warping on the two cup halves. The bottom piece went together very cleanly, though the main cup needed a little gentle persuasion. I glued the bottom half first, and then once that was strong, I used elastic bands to pull the top half together prior to gluing with epoxy. When the time came to glue (the next day), the two pieces were then more or less flush. I used the elastic bands again whilst gluing to keep it all together and aligned.

2021-09-23 12.31.45.jpg
2021-09-23 12.32.19.jpg
2021-09-23 12.32.26.jpg

I also did a little sanding on the snitch, being vert careful around the engraving, just to clear up the support scarring, and to remove some of the build lines, which you do get on resin prints, contrary to the popular belief.

2021-09-23 12.32.34.jpg
2021-09-23 12.32.42.jpg

It'll need a little careful filling in a couple of places to get rid of some low points. I also still need to plug the drainage holes. I'm probably going to pick up some cheap UV resin and a UV torch, which should be a really quick and easy alternative to normal filler. I can also be more precise about where I want it to go.

I'm still busy 3D modelling aswell. The Diadem is coming along nicely, but progress is slow, mainly because I still can't seem to concentrate all that well at the moment.


Gems are just for demonstrative purposes. I plan on using Swarovski crystals for the final thing, assuming I can source what I need, as they are becoming more difficult to get hold of. The main tiara piece is almost finished, and then I can work on the eagle.

It's not 100% accurate, but you get the gist.

More soon!

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So, first off, I've ordered all of my crystals for the Diadem. It does however mean that I have to re-do all of the mounts and gem placements, because the only ones I could get at the sizes I needed were pointed back. So I now need to boolean where they sit etc...which is a pain in the bum - but oh well!

I have printed the Locket, finally...

Amazingly, the fit - first try - is perfect.

The only issue I had was with the crystal pieces at the front warping because they were printed too narrowly in order to get it all on the bed. So they're currently re-printing. But everything else - minus a small shift on the snake piece - came out great. The unknown is whether or not the gems will fit into the holes on the snake, but they should arrive soon, so we can find out then.

2021-09-29 09.41.34.jpg
2021-09-29 09.41.37.jpg
2021-09-29 09.41.42.jpg
2021-09-29 09.42.25.jpg
2021-09-29 09.43.04.jpg

There is a little bit of a twist or something where the hinge pieces meet. The center hinge piece hole needs drilling out, but it looks like once the metal piece is in there, it'll pull itself back into place.

That's all for now! :D


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After re-printing the front crystal pieces, and making some adjustments to get them to fit, I've been able to do a first test fit. It all seems to go together more or less as planned. There is a little warping on the front section with the snake detail however, which I believe is stopping it from closing completely as it's thicker at one end than it is the other. I could file this half down, but it's probably easier to just re-print. I'll also check the 3D file too, to make sure I'm not being a prat - though I wouldn't rule it out!

2021-09-29 15.59.39.jpg
2021-09-30 08.58.54.jpg
2021-09-30 08.59.13.jpg
2021-09-30 08.59.45.jpg

The diadem model is nearing completion - so I'll be posting that here once it's finished.

More soon! :D


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Alrighty! So we have some updates!

Firstly, the big one! The Diadem is finally complete!


As with most of my models, it's more or less accurate. You look at it, and know what it is, or at-least, I hope so!

All of the gems I ordered have arrived too, and before printing this, I made sure to make a little test piece to test the gem slots, and thankfully, it's a perfect fit all round!

It also allows you to appreciate just how small a lot of the detail on the Diadem actually is!

2021-10-06 10.27.19.jpg

As for everything else, we are making steady progress. There's no huge rush, as I'm still modelling/printing things, but I'm sanding and filling bits as I go.

Working on filling the seams on the cup. I picked up a little UV torch, and a little bottle of clear UV resin, which is super handy for filling gaps and such.

2021-10-06 10.26.52.jpg
2021-10-06 10.27.00.jpg
2021-10-06 10.27.08.jpg

Still some work to do there, but it's coming along nicely. I'll probably attack with the dremel a little too at some point.

I've filled rear drainage holes on the Snitch, and also fixed the scarring which was left over from supports. I've also carefully sanded away the layer lines, and given the whole thing a light sand. I'll wet sand it eventually, but for now, it's fine.

2021-10-06 10.26.37.jpg
2021-10-06 10.28.39.jpg

And as for the Locket, I've just been working a little to improve the fit, which I have done, and have sanded most of the surfaces a little - though again, this needs some additional work, but is good for now. I've also got the hinge working, which works as planned, which is both surprising, and pleasing!

2021-10-06 10.26.07.jpg
2021-10-06 10.26.15.jpg
2021-10-06 10.26.25.jpg

That's all for now. The big one is coming up next. If you know, you know...

More soon! :D

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Right then, right...better be...The Sword of Gryffindor!


It didn't take me that long, and it was all surprisingly straight forward, but I'm super happy with how it! It really is a beautiful sword, and I enjoyed adding all of the details.

A little prep work needed before she's ready for printing, but nothing too complicated. I'm hoping the hilt will mostly fit on the Mars, but I've not checked yet.

I think that's all the modelling done. Well, big bits anyway.

I've had a few upgrades to my setup arrive over the past couple of weeks, mainly a pressure pot for resin - so that should allow me to make mostly bubble free moulds and casts.

Now all of the modelling is done, I can get on with printing stuff etc...So we should start moving forwards at a better pace now.

More soon!! :D

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