The Hallows Collection - Harry Potter - Build Log - Finished


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So, first off, I've ordered all of my crystals for the Diadem. It does however mean that I have to re-do all of the mounts and gem placements, because the only ones I could get at the sizes I needed were pointed back. So I now need to boolean where they sit etc...which is a pain in the bum - but oh well!

I have printed the Locket, finally...

Amazingly, the fit - first try - is perfect.

The only issue I had was with the crystal pieces at the front warping because they were printed too narrowly in order to get it all on the bed. So they're currently re-printing. But everything else - minus a small shift on the snake piece - came out great. The unknown is whether or not the gems will fit into the holes on the snake, but they should arrive soon, so we can find out then.

2021-09-29 09.41.34.jpg
2021-09-29 09.41.37.jpg
2021-09-29 09.41.42.jpg
2021-09-29 09.42.25.jpg
2021-09-29 09.43.04.jpg

There is a little bit of a twist or something where the hinge pieces meet. The center hinge piece hole needs drilling out, but it looks like once the metal piece is in there, it'll pull itself back into place.

That's all for now! :D


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After re-printing the front crystal pieces, and making some adjustments to get them to fit, I've been able to do a first test fit. It all seems to go together more or less as planned. There is a little warping on the front section with the snake detail however, which I believe is stopping it from closing completely as it's thicker at one end than it is the other. I could file this half down, but it's probably easier to just re-print. I'll also check the 3D file too, to make sure I'm not being a prat - though I wouldn't rule it out!

2021-09-29 15.59.39.jpg
2021-09-30 08.58.54.jpg
2021-09-30 08.59.13.jpg
2021-09-30 08.59.45.jpg

The diadem model is nearing completion - so I'll be posting that here once it's finished.

More soon! :D


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Alrighty! So we have some updates!

Firstly, the big one! The Diadem is finally complete!


As with most of my models, it's more or less accurate. You look at it, and know what it is, or at-least, I hope so!

All of the gems I ordered have arrived too, and before printing this, I made sure to make a little test piece to test the gem slots, and thankfully, it's a perfect fit all round!

It also allows you to appreciate just how small a lot of the detail on the Diadem actually is!

2021-10-06 10.27.19.jpg

As for everything else, we are making steady progress. There's no huge rush, as I'm still modelling/printing things, but I'm sanding and filling bits as I go.

Working on filling the seams on the cup. I picked up a little UV torch, and a little bottle of clear UV resin, which is super handy for filling gaps and such.

2021-10-06 10.26.52.jpg
2021-10-06 10.27.00.jpg
2021-10-06 10.27.08.jpg

Still some work to do there, but it's coming along nicely. I'll probably attack with the dremel a little too at some point.

I've filled rear drainage holes on the Snitch, and also fixed the scarring which was left over from supports. I've also carefully sanded away the layer lines, and given the whole thing a light sand. I'll wet sand it eventually, but for now, it's fine.

2021-10-06 10.26.37.jpg
2021-10-06 10.28.39.jpg

And as for the Locket, I've just been working a little to improve the fit, which I have done, and have sanded most of the surfaces a little - though again, this needs some additional work, but is good for now. I've also got the hinge working, which works as planned, which is both surprising, and pleasing!

2021-10-06 10.26.07.jpg
2021-10-06 10.26.15.jpg
2021-10-06 10.26.25.jpg

That's all for now. The big one is coming up next. If you know, you know...

More soon! :D


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Right then, right...better be...The Sword of Gryffindor!


It didn't take me that long, and it was all surprisingly straight forward, but I'm super happy with how it! It really is a beautiful sword, and I enjoyed adding all of the details.

A little prep work needed before she's ready for printing, but nothing too complicated. I'm hoping the hilt will mostly fit on the Mars, but I've not checked yet.

I think that's all the modelling done. Well, big bits anyway.

I've had a few upgrades to my setup arrive over the past couple of weeks, mainly a pressure pot for resin - so that should allow me to make mostly bubble free moulds and casts.

Now all of the modelling is done, I can get on with printing stuff etc...So we should start moving forwards at a better pace now.

More soon!! :D


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As I said in the last post, things have started moving along nicely now.

I've just finished printing the main diadem pieces. I printed in two halves on the elegoo mars, and have now tacked the two halves together with super glue, prior to a more permanent bond with some clear UV resin. The eagle is taped on.

I'm super happy with how it all came out!


2021-10-23 10.19.46.jpg
2021-10-23 10.19.38.jpg
2021-10-23 10.19.42.jpg
2021-10-23 10.19.31.jpg

I put a test gem in there, which I accidently ruined, and is now out of stock everywhere (lol)

I'm super happy with how all of the details turned out. Particularly the engraving, which can be tricky to get right, but it printed perfectly first try!

Up next will be the sword. I'll have to split the hilt into a couple of pieces to get it to print on the Mars, but hopefully, the seams will be close to invisible if I put them in the right place. I'll print the blade on my Wanhao, as she's not had much use recently, and she'd like to help, I'm sure..

More Soon!! :D


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I've started printing the sword!

I managed to squeeze all of the hilt pieces onto my Mars, and they printed wonderfully! The blade will be printed on my Wanhao i3 Plus in the next couple of days, though it is split into enough pieces that I could print it on my Mars if I wanted.


2021-10-27 09.10.17.jpg
2021-10-27 09.10.22.jpg
2021-10-27 09.10.28.jpg
2021-10-27 09.10.32.jpg
2021-10-27 09.10.42.jpg
2021-10-27 09.10.52.jpg

Little crack on the handle piece - not sure why - but it's an easy enough cosmetic fix.

Minus the blade, that's most of the major printing done now. Some other things to model/print, such as a display box for the Diadem and snitch, but we can get cracking now, and move towards getting everything ready for assembly/painting.

More soon!


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If anyone was wanting to get their hands on the sword files, so that they could hunt Horcruxes, or rather large snakes, then good news!

I've uploaded the files, for free, so anyone can use them! (non commercial license)



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Currently, I'm moving towards getting everything ready for painting, and or moulding/casting. In short, that means sanding. Lots, and lots of sanding...

But resin is easy to sand, so it's not too difficult.

I got the sword blade printed, and glued up with epoxy. This was printed on my Wanhao i3 Plus in PETG, in 6 pieces.

All I've done so far, is sanded it with my mouse sander at 80 grit. I then applied a coat of clear UV resin and cured it. Takes seconds, so huge time saver. I then used some more UV resin to spot fill the seams, and make everything nice and flush. I then sanded (once cured) with some 120 grit a couple of times, and then did a quick test prime to see where we're at. For maybe an hour or two of work, it's pretty good. But still a little work to do before it's ready for it's final wet sand.

2021-10-30 14.12.54.jpg
2021-10-30 14.13.07.jpg
2021-11-01 09.47.42.jpg
2021-11-01 09.47.58.jpg

This shouldn't take too much longer now. Everything else is pretty much there now. I just need to order some resin and silicone for moulds, and then I can start working on the snitch, and the clear part for the Locket, aswell as the gems for the sword, which have been printed in resin, and are currently waiting patiently for me.

2021-10-29 15.53.47.jpg

More soon!


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Some updates.

I've been mainly moving towards the finish line, getting things either ready for paint, or prepped for their final pre-paint sand. I've also been doing some of the others less exciting things, such as printing and sanding a box for the Diadem (loosely based on the one it's found in, in the Room of Requirements).

But filed under 'More Exciting' I've been making some moulds! So the things that need casting are the 'crystal' pieces for the front and back of the locket, aswell as the snitch, and also them gems for the sword.

The crystal pieces were fairly straight forwards two part moulds.

2021-11-06 16.10.53.jpg
2021-11-07 09.37.28.jpg
2021-11-08 08.32.43.jpg

The gems were also fairly straight forward. I just used some double sided sticky tape, and stuck them flat side down, and poured silicone over the top. The Snitch was something I wasn't entirely sure how best to mould. So I went to the YouTubes, and found that for sphereical objects, a simple one piece mould is fairly standard.

It was pretty easy. Stuck to some board with half a plastic cup, and then cover in resin. Worked a treat!

2021-11-06 11.34.19.jpg

2021-11-07 13.05.12.jpg

Above is my first pull from the mould! Initially, I was quite happy. However, some issues quickly became apparent. The first was how I cut the mould open. I kind just cut it willy nilly, and didn't really consider where my seam(s) would be. The other issues was that my master snitch wasn't as clean as I thought it was. I'd spent time sanding it, and filling it, and seemingly making it smooth, but once moulded and cast, the imperfections, including print lines (Yes, even in resin prints!!) were just too present.

2021-11-07 13.06.05.jpg

So, after considering it, I decided to print a new master (It would take longer to fix the old one than do a new one) and then very meticulously sand it, in the hope of a much cleaner cast from the new mould.

2021-11-08 10.56.49-1.jpg
2021-11-08 14.43.37.jpg

it took me a few of hours of sanding, initially at 120 grit, and then all the way up to 3000. The inscription didn't come out as crisp on this one though, so I was still a little apprehensive. Thankfully, it proved to be the right choice, as the new mould has a single cut at the back, and is as clean as I initially hoped for!

2021-11-09 10.23.45.jpg
2021-11-09 10.23.56.jpg

So the plan is to cold cast the Snitch in brass, thought I do have some gold coming too, so going to try that also. I'll then polish them to a nice shine with a polishing wheel. I have done some tests on the brass, which are encouraging!

Finally, I have done a test cast for the crystal pieces. Almost nailed it first time, but just under filled. I've got take two in the pressure pot currently, so we'll find out tomorrow if that one's worked. I have tinted these with some alcohol ink, as the actual prop is tinted. I think I've got the color pretty spot on.

2021-11-09 15.55.25.jpg
2021-11-09 15.55.35.jpg

Also a few other bits I've been working on in the background, but this post is long enough, so...

More soon! :D


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Some more updates! I've mainly been doing casting and moulding over the past week, but I've also nearly got all of the wet sanding done, in prep for painting!

The main area of focus has been the Snitch, and the crystal pieces for the Locket.

The locket pieces took 2.5 takes to get right. I'm very impatient, so waiting 24 hours for resin to cure properly is the stuff of nightmares! but eventually, I ended up being able to mix and match a piece for the front and back from pours two and three.

Polished up, they look great!

2021-11-13 13.49.01.jpg

The tint in the 3rd pour is actually perfect. A little off on the front, but with gold behind it, it's still going to be close enough, and from an angle, the color is perfect on both, which was the goal.

Onto the snitch.

I've been messing with the Snitch a lot this week. We got the new mould made, which is so much cleaner than the first. Once I got used to it, it now makes completely seamless pulls each time, which is brilliant.

I did a lot of testing with pigments. I always planned to cold cast in brass, and my early test was doing this, using the old mould.

2021-11-10 13.17.32.jpg
2021-11-10 13.17.48.jpg

So this was super encouraging, and apart from the issues with the mould, it came up really nice. But I did want to try and get something a little closer to gold, as, well, it is the Golden Snitch.

So we did some experimenting. I picked up some Alumillite Powdered gold, which looked like it would do the trick. The problem with this however, is that you can't really polish it. It just rubs off, which was super disappointing. I even tried mixing some of the brass with the gold, but nothing really worked the way I hoped. If I had polished my master before casting, then this gold would be brillaint. Alas, I did not, as I always planned on polishing after the fact. So, hey-ho...

2021-11-13 09.41.58.jpg
2021-11-13 09.42.10.jpg

So back to brass we went. For the final cast, I double coated the mould in brass powder, and then mixed ~60 grams of brass powder into the resin before pouring. This essentially makes it a solid brass piece, bound together with resin.

To my great surprise, it came out flawless. No bubbles, marks, pockets of air. Nothing.

2021-11-13 11.27.41.jpg
2021-11-13 11.27.49.jpg

All that I needed to do then, was cut the pour spot off, and clean that area up, so it was nice and flush (and not flat), and then polish it up on my polishing wheel, which is proving a very good addition to my setup!

2021-11-13 14.05.24.jpg

2021-11-13 13.18.01.jpg
2021-11-13 13.18.20.jpg
2021-11-13 13.18.23.jpg
2021-11-13 13.42.18.jpg

I also got the stones for the sword - which were cast the other day - polished up too

2021-11-13 13.42.13.jpg

I'm moving nicely towards the finish line, which is nice...

Everything that's to be painted is now wet sanded, except the cup. I'm also working on a display stand for the Sword, but apart from some cut chipboard, I don't really have anything to show of that just yet.

More Soon™ :D


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Right! So this should be the final update to the post before I'm finished. I've spent this week preparing everything else that isn't the main pieces. Boxes, and the like. I've also started work on the final Horcrux in this collection, which should be a quick and easy build, and isn't far off being done already.

Let's start with boxes. Firstly, I have got the box for the Snitch finished, and ready. This was a pretty easy process, though it could be better. But it'll do for now.

I 3D printed a simple box model, which I modelled in Fusion 360. The finishing process for this was pretty straight forward. I started at 80 grit, and sanded it, all the way up to 3000, and then buffed it a little on my wheel. No painting or filling. I wanted something quick, and this worked. The hallows symbol was done with some brass powder, and super glue.

2021-11-18 17.17.37.jpg
2021-11-18 17.17.46.jpg

The inside is lined with black felt, with a velvet lined foam insert for the Snitch to sit on top of.

Sticking with boxes, the Diadem box was up next. I printed and sanded this a while back, so all I really needed to do for this was to make the lining, and paint it.

I made padded lining for the inside of the box and the lid. This was fairly straight forward, using board which I covered in stuffing, and then covered in more velvet, using hot glue on the reverse side to old it in place. Super basic, but effective.

2021-11-17 14.22.29.jpg
2021-11-17 14.31.18.jpg
2021-11-17 16.13.32.jpg

There is also a cushion, which I made by complete guess work, but seems like it'll do the job (of holding the Diadem)

2021-11-18 17.14.03.jpg

I wanted to paint the box before attaching lining, so that was the next step.

Painting something to look like wood is fairly straight forward. Just lots of long stroked, and dry-brushing to build up layers. I sealed it all in with a matt clear coat.

2021-11-18 13.52.39-1.jpg
2021-11-18 13.52.52.jpg
2021-11-18 13.57.00.jpg
2021-11-18 17.18.30.jpg

Not too bad at-all!

Another thing to quickly add, is I very quickly knocked up a stand for the elder wand in Blender, and got it printed. Again, pretty basic, but works well enough. It's had a little sand. I need to prime it before painting. I'll probably go for either a flat black, or a dark wood effect. Depends how 'clean' it is after priming.

2021-11-18 17.18.12.jpg

I've also got these little decoration pieces which you can see, which I modelled off of the actual box for the Diadem. They'll be attached later.

And, finally - as mentioned - I have started working on the final Horcrux: Tom Riddle's Diary.

This so far has been very easy. I simply printed a couple of pages out which have the text from the movie, and then used ~30 odd sheets of A4 paper folded in half, grouped in 4. I stained them all with tea, and then baked in the oven a little to dry out, and then left them overnight sitting on my table to fully dry them. I then placed a few books on top to flatted it all, and this is what I have so far.

2021-11-18 17.15.34.jpg

All I need to do for this is glue the spine with some PVA, and then make the cover with some faux leather. There are also a couple of metal details on the corners, so I'll model them and print them on the mars. Shouldn't take too long at-all.

As for everything else, it's currently sitting patiently, ready to be painted.
2021-11-15 13.52.18.jpg

2021-11-15 16.22.16.jpg

And that's more or less it. I'll probably do a final post before I upload the finished pieces (whenever that will be)

But yeah, the next time I post, it'll likely be to show off the finished project! Woo!

More soon! :D


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The level of talent is amazing :love:
Hey, thanks so much!

You'll be pleased to hear, that I AM DONE! Yay!

So, I'll be taking pictures and stuff tomorrow, (there is hopefully going to be a little video too), but I'll use this post to quickly update to where we are, before the final images.

Mainly I've been painting, as you might have guessed, but I'll get to that in a second.

Since the last post, I got the Diadem box completely finished and ready to go. Since the last post, I attached the padded lining, aswell as the decoration piece on the front of the box, which just makes it look more like the box in the room of requirements. I also attached the lid with some nice brass hinges.

2021-11-19 14.24.42.jpg
2021-11-19 14.24.47.jpg
2021-11-19 16.25.52.jpg

Next up was the final prep piece, which was the display case for the sword. This was something I decided to build on a complete whim, but I'm glad I did, as the sword looks great in it.

So this is super basic. I had some chipboard lying around, which was more or less the right size. I frankensteined a little bit of extra wood onto the end to get it to be correct size, marked some drill holes (and drilled them), and then covered it in black felt.

I then used some nice and surprisingly cheap framing I bought online - cut to size - and attached it around the edge. I then screwed in some 3D printed mounts from the bottom. (I later realised I attached the wrong mount piece to their respective stand, and fixed the issue)

2021-11-24 14.42.12.jpg

The next job was to build the cover. I used some cut to size clear acrylic - 3mm - which I bought online. It was pretty straight forward. I used that weird chemical stuff to weld the pieces together - though I did have a slight mishap with some leakage, and there are a few scared areas, though nothing too noticeable.

2021-11-24 17.02.44.jpg

I've considered adding it's own lighting, but for now, I think it's ok. It's all very easy to change in the future though, should I wish to.

Up next was paint!

Painting for this was mostly straight forward. Most of the things I was painting were metalic, and so trusty Alclad came to the rescue. Everythibg 'metal' was first coated in Alclad gloss black, and then given a couple of coats of Alclad Chrome. The gold parts of the locket were sprayed with some Alclad gold.

The Cup was sprayed with rustolium gold ontop of a gloss black base.

All of the alclad was sealed with aqua gloss.

2021-11-17 10.21.48.jpg
2021-11-23 13.48.17.jpg
2021-11-24 08.07.16.jpg

I decided against weathering the sword. I was unsure, but dirt and rust should have no effect on the blade, and I wanted to be true to that, and have a shiny, pristine sword. Other parts were weathered, however, though I don't have pictures of that.

After painting, the final part was assembly.

This included attached 251 gems to the Diadem, of varying sizes, with the smallest just 2.05mm. It was actually pretty fun, though, and the gems are beautiful. (For a sneak peak, you can check my Twitter @Magnavis_ )

I mainly used Preciosa crystals, though there are a few Swarovski thrown in there too.

2021-11-25 09.04.07.jpg

2021-11-25 11.01.27.jpg

And that's that! You'll have to wait until the final reveal (probably Monday or Tuesday) to see how it all turned out.

Thanks for following this thread and liking the posts. It means a lot!

More soon!! :D


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As promised, here are the final images! Thanks once again for following this project. I really enjoy sharing my progress on here.

The Locket


The Diadem


The Sword


The Snitch


Resurrection Stone by @Madeitupstudios

The Elder Wand


The Cup


The Diary


And there we have it. The Hallows Collection - about 5 months or so in the making, and my largest project to date.

I really hope you like the finished pieces.

I do plan on doing a run of cold cast snitched in the new year, so if that sounds like something you may be interested in, then keep an eye out.

Thanks again! :D

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