The Hallows Collection - Harry Potter - Build Log - Finished


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Hi all, I'm back with a new project, which I thought I'd post on here, as it's been a while since I've worked on anything.

I plan on making a collection of props, relating to The Deathly Hallows - I have imaginatively named it The Hallows Collection

I have already modelled and printed the Elder Wand. I've also modelled the I Open at the Close Snitch, and currently, I'm modelling the Hufflepuff Cup.

The project will basically consist of all of the Horcruxes (where possible - obiously not going to 3d print a life sizes snake, or Harry), plus the snitch, a hallows necklass and possibly (I really don't know yet) the Sword of Gryffindor.

Here's where I'm at right now:

2021-06-27 08.37.12.jpg

2021-06-26 13.59.19.jpg
2021-06-27 09.08.44.jpg

Cup not finished yet

Anywho, that's where I currently am with the project. I'll update as and when I do things.

Thanks :D
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I've more or less completed the Hufflepuff Cup now. A few touchups, and I need to Boolean the engraved piece at the bottom, but I'll sort all of that fun stuff when I'm ready to print.


As with most things I model, it's under the bracket of 'Mostly Accurate' - but I'm pretty happy with it. Not sure which one is next.

Diadem, or the locket?


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Very nice work so far, looking forward to see how it comes out. I assembled a Horcrux collection some years back, but the harry was an action figure, as well as Nagini.

I've been stuck for a long time on how to replicate the Resurrection stone to fit in my Snitch. Not sure how to etch the symbol properly.


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Very nice work so far, looking forward to see how it comes out. I assembled a Horcrux collection some years back, but the harry was an action figure, as well as Nagini.

I've been stuck for a long time on how to replicate the Resurrection stone to fit in my Snitch. Not sure how to etch the symbol properly. View attachment 1473778

The acquisition of the resurrection stone was what actually started this project off for me. I got a really nice prop from a maker called MadeItUpStudios.

2021-03-18 12.36.37.jpg

It's resin, with a metal Hallows symbol cast in the center. Super cool, though I don't want to alter it at-all, so I'm forgoing the ring, and am simply going to pair it with the Snitch in a box of some kind.

Great work! What will you be doing with these files when you’re finished? Offering them for sale? I’ve always had an issue with the Noble replicas in regards to size.
(it would’ve great to have an accurate triwizard cup that was 1:1)

I'm not sure yet. I imagine I'll release them into the wild if there is enough interest. Though I'd probably have to spend some time optimising them for printing, as I often take lazy shortcuts when I know I'm modelling to print myself vs modelling for others to print.


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Ahead of modelling the locket, which is pretty straight forward, I'd like to do a little forward planning, and tackle the text on the locket. The front features this text, and the back has a bunch of small text, though that can be nonsense, honestly. The front though seems much more "readable".


To my eyes, it seems to say Salazar Slytherin PB (though backwards) which I theorise may refer to Pure Blood. It seems to repeat a couple of times, but then we seem to get a new word for all but one of the repeats. You can see from the crude diagram above.

Also not sure what kinda language this might be. I'd guess it might be Parseltongue? Has an almost arabic feel to it in some sense.

Would love to see what others might make of it?


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After some more investigation, it appears the text actually reads, Salazar Slytherin, (unclear) Deternuo


This is on the back, and in different lettering, but it's the same words, I'm sure.

What do we think the letters underneath Slytherin are? I'm not sure if it is deternuo, either? Is the first letter a D? Perhaps an L? Or something completely different? I've been looking up words I think it could be, but so far, apart from being fairly certain deternuo is Latin, I can't find anything useful regarding it.

It'd be cool to understand what's actually being said - on the front at-least...

[edit] - Better/more accurate image of the front text:

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I'm loving this idea! Coming from a major Slytherin Locket obsessive, I'm really looking forward to see how it comes out (along with all the other horcruxes of course)! I've tried making the locket by hand a couple times, but I'm still not entirely happy with how they turned out. I'm really interested to see how it turns out with 3D printing. Good luck!


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I'm loving this idea! Coming from a major Slytherin Locket obsessive, I'm really looking forward to see how it comes out (along with all the other horcruxes of course)! I've tried making the locket by hand a couple times, but I'm still not entirely happy with how they turned out. I'm really interested to see how it turns out with 3D printing. Good luck!
I was looking at your thread the other day! I was wondering if you ever finished it, as it looked like it was going great!


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Thank you! I've actually been very lazy with it, I've been working on wand-related projects for the last two years. I really should get back to it at this point, haha. I did add a sterling silver chain though. It's not as large as it should be, so I bought two of them, I might join them together to make one big chain. Still haven't added in the tiny engraving text on the back face or the circular "bubble" carving on the back gem.
Reading this is inspiring me to get back to work on it!


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Progress has been made on the locket. Been working on the front section for now. The gems in the model are just for show. I'll be using Swarovski Crystals for the actual prop. But I've made sure the holes are the sizes of the crystals I can source. The actual prop uses square cut gems, bur I couldn't source emerald color ones, so circle will do just fine. I've done my best to copy the inscription aswell, which I think has come out pretty good. For now, it's just a texture on the 3D model. I plan to print it onto some projector paper for the actual prop, and have it sandwiched between the crystal piece.

All that's left for the front section is to add a back onto this piece, and then I can do the second half, which is pretty much a copy paste of the front, but much simpler. I can then work on things like a hinge, and the loop at the top for the chain. It's a pretty simple model, honestly.




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We're done with the locket, for the time being:


As mentioned in the last post, the gems are for demonstration only, same as the chain. Both will be real world parts. The rest should print fairly ok on my Mars. It's all quite small though, so we'll see. I'm sure I'll need to tweak some tolerances and stuff.

More soon!


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Hello, remember me? No..well, err...damn it!

I've been away from this project for a little while, because every summer, without fail, I lose all motivation to do eveything and anything, and it's incredibly annoying...

But Im on my way back from it now (yay) and am working on this project again. Tomorrow I'm going to start working on the Diadem, but for now, let's update to where I am.

So my gateway back into the project was through the Snitch. I decided to get that going, and printed it on my Elegoo Mars. Unfortunately, this wasn't a print it once and we're done kinda deal. I printed it over, and over, and over and over, until on the lucky 13th time, I got the result that was about as perfect as I could have hoped for.


So after the initial prints had a little bit of egg shapness to them, I had to fix that first. Next up was printing the inscription. It's very, very small, and getting it to come out just right required lots of small tweaks tot he file, and then you basically pressed print, waited 5 hours, and then found out if it's any good.

This mostly works well as a process, but I did end up printing 13 snitches before hitting this one, which is darn near perfect. There is a little cleanup to do, and some drainage holes on the back to fill in, but it's not difficult, thanks to how easy resin prints are to sand!

The plan for this is to make a mould, and then cold cast it in brass. Unless I can find some gold powder, and I might try that, but brass is probbaly close enough.

Moving on...

I made a few final tweaks to the Hufflepuff Cup, and it's now currently printing on the Mars. The main cup piece has been split in two, aswell as the base. It just fits on the mars. Super tight!


I'm hoping the first half prints well, as it's fairly large, and so uses a decent amount of resin. I definitely don't want to be printing multiple of these. First try should be good enough.

But that's all the updates I got for ya...

More soon! :D


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Quick Tuesday morning update. The 1st half of the cup finished printing at ~ midnight last night, so this morning, I've given it a nice clean in some lovely IPA, and a little blast of UV, and it's about as perfect as I could have hoped it'd be!

2021-09-07 08.51.31.jpg
2021-09-07 08.51.44.jpg
2021-09-07 08.51.55.jpg

The most pleasing part is that the cut is super flat. Which should make marrying the two halves much easier, assuming the 2nd half also doesn't warp.

I'll probably update next when I have all the parts printed out and assembled.

More soon! :)


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wow, very nice result!

Amazing job so far! Any chance you’re planning on doing a run of cold casted snitches? Every snitch I’ve seen is either two-parts with a seam and space between the pieces or the wrong size.
Errrm, unsure yet. It would depend honestly on how well it goes. If I get a really nice result, and I'm happy, then its definitely something I'll look at doing.


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Update time!

The cup is now printed. I just need to assemble it, which I'll do a little later on.

The two main cup pieces printed really nicely and with minimal warping, though there is still a little to fix, but this shouldn't be too difficult.

2021-09-09 09.10.43.jpg
2021-09-09 09.11.14.jpg
2021-09-09 09.11.26.jpg

I'll probably seal the inside, and then use either epoxy or some more UV resin to fill the gap once it's all glued up.

The rest of the pieces came out super nice, though I did have to make some adjustments to the engraving on the base, as the original was barely visible.

2021-09-13 08.53.19.jpg
2021-09-13 08.53.26.jpg
2021-09-13 08.53.45.jpg
2021-09-13 08.54.00.jpg
2021-09-13 08.54.07.jpg

I'm currently working on the Diadem model, which is going ok so far, but nothing to really show until it's complete. Next up on the Mars will be the locket. Not sure when I'll print that, but probably in the coming days.

More soon! :D


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Little update:

I've got the cup pieces glued up. Just waiting now for the epoxy to fully cure, and then I can tackle the seams, and fixing the little bit of warping on the two cup halves. The bottom piece went together very cleanly, though the main cup needed a little gentle persuasion. I glued the bottom half first, and then once that was strong, I used elastic bands to pull the top half together prior to gluing with epoxy. When the time came to glue (the next day), the two pieces were then more or less flush. I used the elastic bands again whilst gluing to keep it all together and aligned.

2021-09-23 12.31.45.jpg
2021-09-23 12.32.19.jpg
2021-09-23 12.32.26.jpg

I also did a little sanding on the snitch, being vert careful around the engraving, just to clear up the support scarring, and to remove some of the build lines, which you do get on resin prints, contrary to the popular belief.

2021-09-23 12.32.34.jpg
2021-09-23 12.32.42.jpg

It'll need a little careful filling in a couple of places to get rid of some low points. I also still need to plug the drainage holes. I'm probably going to pick up some cheap UV resin and a UV torch, which should be a really quick and easy alternative to normal filler. I can also be more precise about where I want it to go.

I'm still busy 3D modelling aswell. The Diadem is coming along nicely, but progress is slow, mainly because I still can't seem to concentrate all that well at the moment.


Gems are just for demonstrative purposes. I plan on using Swarovski crystals for the final thing, assuming I can source what I need, as they are becoming more difficult to get hold of. The main tiara piece is almost finished, and then I can work on the eagle.

It's not 100% accurate, but you get the gist.

More soon!

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