The guy that made the magic!!!


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Also a few books I'v ordered :

The Winston Effect : the art &history of Stan winston studio

Alien Vs Predator:Requiem:inside the monster shop by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff

A.V.P.Alien Vs Predator:The creature effects of A.D.I. by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff

Cant wait to get into these books and see the real deal!!!!


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Good review indeed !

Just to say I have a Sideshow Predator Bust, which was launched in limited edition and contains a 6 DVD case, with unseen scenes and a making off ( P1 / P2 and AVP ). I opened the DVD case the other day and played the second DVD ( making of and bits and parts of P1 ), really interesting as you can see almost everything that this wiki explains ( how camouflage was carried out, how the original predator was - horrible - , etc... )



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I’m surprised none of you guys mentioned ‘Behind The Mask’ It seems like a worth while read as well.


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