The Great Star Wars Heist

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I just read that. I'm just glad Sansweet didn't decide to pack it in after that happened. He's part of the reason I got interested in SW again around 93. I would go to a book store with my dad, who collects U.S. Civil War stuff, and would look at the SW collecting books while he was looking for his. I would look through the "Star Wars - From to Screen Concept to Collectible" book and the Tomart's SW price guide.
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I forgot about Tomarts SW Price Guide! I remember a guy that used to be a local around my hometown lent me his original copy and I rifled through that edition for weeks in awe of all the products I never even knew existed.

I recall something about this whole debacle from not too long ago though until reading this article I didn't know the details. What a shame that he resorted to this! While what he did was wrong, the backlash aimed at his family was totally uncalled for. It's just a sad story all around. I'm glad that the pieces were eventually returned to Steve Sansweet and Philip Wise and that despite everything that happened it didn't stop them from collecting and sharing their collections with the world through tours and such.

To me Steve Sansweet is Star Wars as much as George Lucas or any of the cast and crew. He was the person who kept Star Wars in the public eye during those dark years when there was nothing new on the horizon. Not to mention that his enthusiasm for the series and the collectibles is infectious even after all these years.

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You know this was already discussed to death here last year, right?
I know your MO is to start a thread with nothing more than a link to "groundbreaking news!" and nothing more, but come on man, at LEAST do a quick search and see if it's already been discussed before doing one of your drive by linkings.
Nice man, way to stay in character. If you'd "at LEAST" have done your homework instead of relying on your default setting, you'd have known this thread was moved here from elsewhere. I know your MO is to be a ragingly annoying fun-sponge in other people's threads, so kudos.