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Hello everyone, so my sister loves the goonies and with Christmas quickly approaching I decided that I wanted to make her the iconic map. I got the template from this instructables write up The Goonies: One-Eye'd Willy's Map Replica . There are a few different template options depending on how you want to make it. I went ahead and printed the blank map on cardstock so I could weather it myself, but before I could do that I used rubber cement to glue all the sections together. I would have loved to have printed it on one large piece of paper to avoid seams, but I don't really have the means to do so. Anyways, to weather it I brushed tea on the front and back and sprinkled some tea grounds while it dried. To achieve the burn effect on the edges I used my heat gun and carefully went around the entire edge. Then I folded it and attached and boom I have a goonies map. I can't wait to see my sisters reaction and I really hope you guys like it too

Looks great!
A few years ago, the Science Center here had an event one Friday night dedicated to The Goonies and my wife HAD to go. I'm a fan but she's a HUGE fan.
So, I bought an inexpensive map on ebay that came with a 3d printed Copper Bones and Doubloon.
On it's own, our map looked glossy and.. well, not great but if you liberally applied heat/fire to the surface, it started to look like something.
I also gilded the circle in the center. I've had a gold-leaf kit sitting in my drawer for decades and it came in handy for that project.
I don't really want to derail your thread BUT I will post the old brochure from that evening.


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