The Goonies! Happy 37th Anniversary! RPF Discount Code, Adventure Set.


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Happy 37th! Here's an RPF discount code for Paragon's Goonies adventure set. It's good until 6/9 11:59PM

The code is: RPFGOONIES
It's good for 10% off

A couple additional notes regarding the adventure set.

The Copper Bones Key:

As stated in the product description, we started with the key. A ridiculous amount of time was spent researching this piece. Not just the details but how we'd handle the finish. We took a deep, obsessive dive into how copper oxidizes; how it behaves under different conditions and how patinas set up on flat areas, crevices, etc. The bulk of the patina is on what would be the exposed area (the front) with a very minimal bit on the back. This area lacks any appreciable detail anyway and would have been more protected, etc. etc. Again, there was some obsessing goin' on! We wanted it to look real.

A great deal of inspiration for the final sculpt came from very credible reference of what we believe to be an original key. That said, there are a number of supposedly 'real' keys out there. I'm just not naming the actor who owns it because I don't want to imply they had anything to do with this project. We did not cast their key. We had our reference anyway; this just confirmed a few suspicions and filled in some blanks. Things quite simply, matched with this extra bit of reference... To be clear, this is an original sculpt.

Did I mention it's heavy!? It's of course cast in metal. (y)

The Map:

The studio provided an original map for reference. This was likely a wrap gift. It was a framed and had clearly spent some time on someone's office wall. It was interesting to see how the map began and then what it actually became on screen. The grid, the main design and general layout as we know it was all there. It was just cleaner. The scribbles, names and misc. notes were clearly added as production progressed. They were not entirely present on the base (original) map we worked from. Ultimately, they were replicated and added in layers prior to taking this one to print.

The Doubloon:

This piece was sized off an original. The details have been well documented over the years. This piece is also cast in metal and features an appropriate patina.

So, there ya go...Just a couple additional details on the set! Like I've said in a couple other threads, sooner or later we hope to get some video up discussing what the process of landing something like this looks like. It would be fun to field questions in real time. There are some entertaining stories behind this stuff! Well, entertaining in retrospect. Maddening at the time. Anyway, It's a comin'....

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