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Hello RPF!

I do not post here often, but I do lurk on at least a twice weekly basis. I am a miniature (wargame) painter by trade but once a year I do a very massive display for a convention called Adepticon. You may have seen last year's and at one point I asked for advice on how to make it here - a Giger-esque egg chair design. This year's is the Golden Throne. It is the tomb and throne in one of a legendary Emperor character in the Warhammer 40k universe. I think of the company I am in and feel sure most of you know that, but just in case :)

Regardless. I felt it important to put this here because you all are so inspirational to me creatively. I have no doubts while the sources of parts went unnoticed to most wargamers, you all will be able to source much of it quite easily!

Science fiction modelling has always been a big inspiration and love for me. If you want to read more on my thoughts on the Gothic, Science Fiction modelling, and the history of the throne, please check one of the following:



Thank you for your time and checking out my project. It is quite an honor to be able to post something I am proud of on this forum.

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...words fail me. I am ASTOUNDED! Nothing I say will truly be enough to appreciate the work you have here. I bow to you.


Absolutely stunning my friend, been in and out of GW products since the early 80's and this really captures the early 40k art work too, the primachs would be proud to see this ;)


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Well that's just ridiculously cool!

Now you just need to cast it and make copies. (J/k)

Excellent work, and thanks for sharing!


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This is so massive, full of tropes and reminders of bathtubfull of stories!
I think I'll be back here for good mornig and good night for a few days to gasp.


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Thank you all! I am glad you enjoy it!

SmilingOter - That would be a lot of silicone!