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The Godfather Desk Knife..

Beechy McFly

Sr Member
This prop sat on Marlon Brando's desk during the " Godfather.." It is antique also.. This was handed down through the family after my Grandfather died.. He was a massive Godfather fan.. Apart from V props, this is the only screen used prop I own.. :cry


Beechy McFly

Sr Member
Yeah been trying to find a screen shot but don't have DVDs of it.. Give me a few minutes and I'll take some other shots, though they won't be great quality..

Beechy McFly

Sr Member
Again, sorry about quality of images, as I've said no camera anymore since it flew itself at the wall.. :confused But here's some older pics too..





Black smudges on blade etc is oil, keeping it from rusting.. My grandfather thought it would keep the blade from rusting.. :confused


Master Member
haha, hmm cameras flying at walls sounds interesting..

Great Prop!!

I love the godfather movies..Well the first two..The third one doesnt exist in my mind,

I was actually named after one of the characters

Beechy McFly

Sr Member
Yeah cameras have a habit of doing that, especially when drinking and they don't work.. It's not a bad prop, but compared to everyone's bit shameful.. :$

Only ended up getting it as they knew I was into props and movies, plus use to collect antiques.. So was logical for me to end up with it.. I was going to sell it recently over at yourprops but the buyer ended up not responding so never sold it, which then screwed up my plans on buying some handcuffs used on V.. :angry

When I get access I might see if anyone wants it via Junkyard..
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