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Hi! I’m a local prop maker/cosplayer in Seattle. My handle is Angry Mushroom Pixi Cosplay. When I'm not in the fetal position because I can't stop myself from buying another 2 gallons of silicone (even when I shouldn't have) I run a start-up charity called the Free Cosplay Project.

I’m raising money for Hope for Vision and am giving away $500 in free cosplay as a grand prize for donors who enter the raffle. I’m trying to spread the word about the charity. We really would love to see this be successful but we really need help getting the word out. I do apologize if this isn't the right sub forum to post this, but it IS for I don't feel THAT bad.

So what is the Free Cosplay Project? I've noticed cosplayers or prop makers will do big free giveaways as a way to spread awareness about their page and gain followers/new clients.

Well, The Free Cosplay Project saw that model but made it even BETTER by fundraising for charities! Just by donating to charity a cosplayer has that chance to win a plethora of cosplay prizes! The host artist benefits as they get a chance to promote his or her work. The format is really win-win for everyone.

The current fundraiser benefits Hope for Vision, a charity that funds research for treatments and cures for genetic eye diseases. It’s through Crowdrise, a site that transfers the money directly to the organization, so you know that your money is going to the charity. They only allow for a $10 donation minimum. What’s nice about the $10 minimum is that the raffle is drawn at 100 donations or $1000, so the chance of winning is high! One in one hundred!

We'd love your support in whatever way you can give;donate, share the charity with wealthier friends, or volunteer as tribute (yes you can host a charity fundraiser!). The FCP is a non-profit charity and needs help getting exposure. There is no fine print, it's ultimately up to you how you would like to support our organization.

You can learn more on the website! Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions!
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