The Forgotten Avp Scar Bio - Led's Added

Double H

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Hey guys and gals,

Been meaning to paint this up for a lil while but never go around to it, but it has been starring me in the face for months so decided to give it a revamp. When I bought the bio, it did have the 'slug' detail on the side so I had to sculpt one our of milliput. I decided to go with something different for this paint up - as shown in the topic title lol- away from the tradional Scar paint up. I wanted to make this one look like the ' forgotten/left behind soldier' .....

Here's a before image



And heres after...








Haven't added the LED's yet but will get those done later today if not tomorrow

Thanks for looking


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Avp fan has a video of painting the savage bio, he uses some great techniques, he uses oranges for rust, looks like d did the same, it looks awesome

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Thanks guys. I ididn't know about the paint up threads/ videos I just kinda made this one i went along. There is about10 layers of paint starting with a aluminum base. I then added in some browns, coppers, darker silvers, gold, oranges and various other colours and mixtures. I used an.airbrush and sponge effects actually found that using a sponge t blend the paints from the airbrush works well.

Thanks for the great feedback

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Update time

Just finished adding the LED into the shroud. I used 3 3mm super bright LED's - thanks eBay lol

Heres a couple of snaps.....





Added in the rusty chain as a comparison, it was actually used as my reference piece

Let me know what you guys think and thanks for looking