The Force Awakens Flame Trooper Reference images


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Hello everyone! I wish to build a Flame trooper from the upcoming TFA... But i can't find good references! I saw only the front and some side of the armor, but i can't find the back. Someone could help me? I've almost finished the 3d model of the helmet, so i wish to move forward =P

Thank to you all!


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6 HD pictures for you.
star-wars-7-flametrooper-first-order.jpg star-wars-7-flametrooper-first-order-3.jpg star-wars-7-flametrooper-first-order-4.jpg
star-wars-7-flametrooper-first-order-5.jpg star-wars-7-flametrooper-first-order-6.jpg star-wars-7-flametrooper-first-order-7.jpg
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