The Fly Telepod

Ro Man

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Pod_Update_071615.JPG Pod_Update_071615_2.JPG

This was modeled in Solidworks 2015 and textured in Zbrush. Its going to be 3D printed in 1/6 scale. It will have a working hinged door and flashing led lights. Stay tuned for a video.


Richard Lafarga


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VERY nice!

It it should be noted that Telepods 1 and 2 featured some very minor differences in detail, and, of course, the prototype/Telepod 3 had some very obvious differences from the other two (such as the solid metal door). This model is clearly based on Telepod 1, but it would surely not be difficult to modify it to represent Telepod 2, if you wanted a matched set.


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Really looking forward to seeing this printed! Will you only be doing one or will you be offering kits?
This would be awesome to go with the 1/6 Seth Brundle I sculpted:


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VashDstampede, I would just like to point out that, as a superfan of the film, I'm floored that you replicated Typhoon (the baboon), the mockup Particle Magazine cover, and the friggin' Sony Super Betamax camcorder! Beautiful display, and great attention to detail!

Now, if you and Ro Man joined forces, we could have a full-on Brundle-in-pod display, complete with teensy 1/6th scale housefly clinging to the inside of the circular viewport.

I should also point out that, despite excellent reference materials now being available (via the fabulous Blu-Ray release of THE FLY), there's been a shocking lack of FLY-inspired items. The different makeup stages alone could make for a very nice set of mini-busts. Sadly, all we've gotten on the licensed front are the final-stage Brundlefly figures from McFarlane and Sideshow. Not even a Telepod. Ro Man's by the way, Is the best I've ever seen. Spot on, aside from the current lack of a finished interior and door control panel.

Aside from the aforementioned figures, a Cronenberg-signed one-sheet poster, and various books/scripts/magazines, my FLY collection is sorely lacking. Heck, I'd love to have even that Particle cover mockup in a frame!


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Yeah, the console would be neat, as well as a swappable section of Telepod 2, to represent the chunk that's eaten away and merged with Brundlefly during the finale. Heck, a prototype/Telepod 3 with the Brundlefly/Telepod fusion crawling out of it would make for a neat--if rather morbid--display piece.


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OMG this is amazing, i just saw this? you sell the telepod?...i have been looking for one forever!....and how about the Brendle head?....i would be glad to buy a copy of these from you!


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Printed and framed this today.

View attachment 706674

Y'know, I'd love to do the same thing, but this version isn't entirely accurate. The fonts and placement of the text don't quite match the screenused cover, and the original just said "December, 1986", rather than including a specific day. The placement of Brundle's head in relation to the "Telepods" is also slightly off. Someone make a more accurate version, dagnabbit!


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By the way, the actual artwork for the cover popped up, some time back. All that's needed is an accurate recreation of the text.


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