The Flash V2 build. (1:1)


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As the time for con gets closer I'm in search of a costume that is near perfect to the screen version of The Flash from the hit series from CW.
I've pretty much narrowed it down to the only two I can find that are as close as it can get.
Now, I won't need the cowl as I've purchased one from the Rocketeer.
But I would love to get input from you guys as to which costume would better my cosplay.
Pictures to come.

- - - Updated - - -

Update: I cannot find how to upload pictures via mobile so here are some links.




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Option #1 (the Ali Express one) is the more accurate of the two, and is the one most people are getting including myself. It's continually gone thru some revisions with the seller, Angelia Ji, and is currently at v3 of the suit. If the photos have a green background, that's the most recent version. There's an existing thread detailing it here:
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