The first of many things to come


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Hey all!
I have been lurking in the shadows for some time, and have valiantly working on my first suit. After about the 1500th "what in the world was I thinking?" I decided to take a break from the monotony in armorcrafting. I started thinking about what I could do to give a slight unique touch to my predator. I couldn't shake "The Last Samurai" out of my mind, and do notice that the armor of the predator has a Samurai feel to it, so I figured "What the hey? Lemmie come up with some wicked looking sword!" And here it is.

Please keep in mind 2 things: I have never had any formal art training, so if it looks horrible, I am sorry. Also, this poor sword has met with two battles already (my wife sat on it twice lol). Anyway, please let me know what you guys think, and I will post more of my progress of my suit (which I hope to have done before the opening of Predators)

Thanks, and happy hunting




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Thats Epic!

Whats it made from?

The material is 1/2" mdf, which was cut and sanded with a dremmel ( sadly i burned through 1 dremmel in the process, but it gave me a great reason to go to Home Depot with the wife's approval). I painted it with hammnered metal effect paint, and used a leather looking fabric I got at hobby lobby. I'm gonna see what else I can come up with, but am thinking of making some sort of a maul next.


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That is totally wicked looking.Nice use of the wrist knives.Look forward to seeing more close-up pics,ect.



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a sad update.... my 4 year old daughter was enthusiastic about my sword... a little too enthusiastic... it now sits in three parts... so either I have to scrap it, or use a lot of elbow grease and hot glue.... We'll see what happens....


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…. Oh no, bless her heart. She didn’t mean too.. Poor little thing. But it WAS a nice sword B.T.W
Looks like a pred. could do some seriously wicked damage with it. It would be nice to see/know the technique behind how this piece of cutlery would be used, is it’s main function to slice, pierce, whack off limbs….? Looks like it goes in pretty easy but leaves one nasty jagged exit wound when pulled out.


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It's general scope of usage is...uh... any way possible? In all reality I saw it as an all purpose sword, useful in the hack and slash "oh hell there goes my leg" fashion, but also did think of it's sheer stabbing power. I have a few other things done, and I'm posting them soon enough...but I have a lot going on so my endevor may be put on hold for a bit. I guess we'll have to see though.
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