Interest 'The Fifth Element' ZORG Industries ZF1 - Kit interest (Metal frame, 3D printed components, full electronic movements and lighting)


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All the spraying is finished.


Now I have to go through and fine tune each one, glue on the lower fabric liner and they’re done (will also be retrofitting Eethan’s parts to those that have bought them).

This is the first DX ZF1 to be completed.



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I have two things in my ref folder, no idea how accurate they are,
first I have that: Tamiya rattle can colors TS-1, TS-46, TS-34 and TS-68
then I have a pdf file with humbrol colors that I attached to the message.
and I think that Jake said he would provide a guide a bit later too.


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The colours I use for the shell are mixed from RAL colours and are good as a basis for anyone spraying their own shell. It's all a bit subjective and I am not saying they're THE definitive colours used, but they're a start.

Base colour - Tan - RAL 1014
Camo 1 - Light Brown - RAL 1024
Camo 2 - Dark Brown - RAL 8008
Camo 3 - Yellow - RAL 1006
Speckle 1 - Dark Red - RAL 3007
Speckle 2 - Light Brown - RAL 1024
Speckle 3 - Tan - RAL 1014

So as a list its:

RAL 1006
RAL 1014
RAL 1024
RAL 3007
RAL 8008

Other colours for components are:

Rocket Tip - Yellow - RAL 1004
Icer nozzle/dart launchers - Royal Blue - RAL 5005


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Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd post a bit of an update on the status of everyone's orders.

The first batch standard kits, and DX kits have all been delivered to their new owners and are hopefully going very well! If not, please let me know and I can endeavour to assist you and your builds.

The assembled DX ZF1's are all but finished. I have a video here of a finished ZF1:

ZF1 Walkaround

There are 3 waiting for delivery and should be picked up by the courier by the end of the week.

I have 2 ZF1's in the first batch that are using Eethan's upgrade set. These need to be painted and installed later this week with shipping to occur hopefully the following week. I will post pictures up here and to the individuals concerned when I have some progress on this (Eethan's done such a magnificent job it's crazy!)

Second batch ZF1 buyers! (Kits and assembled variants)

I have a large amount of kitchen cabinetry to build for a customer during May (a very exciting job for my new company) so will be starting the second batch at the start of June (if I get the kitchen finished sooner, I will start the new batch sooner!). I will be focusing on building these full time, with the second batch kits to be finished mid-June and the assembled ZF1's to be complete towards the end of June/early July.

I apologise up front about the delay, but I am hoping the final results of the recently complete ZF1's will show all buyers that these are worth the wait. The final finish of these models far exceed what I had hoped, and beat my original model hands down. I am really looking forward to starting the second batch, but if you're unsure about the extra delay, or uncertain about my ability to complete them, please message me and I am sure we can settle any doubts.

Thanks to all those people who have bought my models and model kits! This is such an awesome job and I am very grateful.


Jake Eaton


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Small update for the second batch buyers. I've ordered all the servos, PCB's and filament so printing of the thousands of parts will start this week!


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Just plain breathtaking Jake!
I've sent a note, but would love to get in queue for one of these glorious Zorg creations even if I have to wait for the Mondoshawans again! :D


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Anybody come up with a display stand for these?

I’m thinking about a custom acrylic case, but want to have it sit on something sturdy.


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Yes they are balanced so they should sit on the front grip. If you're finding yours is rocking back, add a small amount of weight into the barrel and this should right it.


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Small update:

3D printing is in full swing, both FDM and SLA printed parts. Aluminium parts are also being turned up as I type this. I have also started soldering up the many PCB's needed on each kit.

I have employed an assistant to help me with order fulfilment so the DX kits should start shipping in the next 2 weeks. DX assembled will take a bit longer.

Edit: I will post up pictures here next week but I have new video content on my Instagram @jakecanmake if you'd like slightly more up-to-date information on ZF1 production.

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