Interest 'The Fifth Element' ZORG Industries ZF1 - Kit interest (Metal frame, 3D printed components, full electronic movements and lighting)


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Should have known you'd already have it figured out. :)

Cool. I look forward to trying "speckling." And yeah, definitely on some scrap first!

Thanks again!


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Hey-ho, this kit is beautiful, but sadly well out of my current budget. Just kicking tires, but wondering if there's the option for just the frame and the shell (possibly the scope hull too), so that the unit could be displayed closed [and I might look to get the internals at a future date, when funds allow]?


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Hi Septic,

I'm only selling the kit as pictured, not individual components from it.

I accept either the full payment upfront, or a 50/50 split in two payments. PayPal also allows you to pay in 3 separate instalments too if you want to break it up further.

I will be producing these as long as there is interest in them so you have plenty of time to save your pennies if you would like to get your hands on one.



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I have a single space left for the second batch of ZF1 kits if anyone would like to snap it up. For information on what you can expect in a kit, please read the updated original post.

For the first batch buyers, the DX kits are being picked up by courier tomorrow (Monday 28th) and will be with you soon.

For the assembled DX buyers, I have started assembling the ZF1's this week and will be posting updates as soon as I can. I am also in the midst of getting my spray booth setup in order to paint the components and shells.

Thank you everyone!



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If I'm in the first batch, I'd like to get the tracking information when you have it. Hope a transatlantic journey doesn't take long! I'm excited to get to building it.


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hey there, I'm taking advantage of the fact that I just installed a few parts on my ZF-1 and took a more overall photo to share here again what an awesome kit this is and how easily it can be upgraded to get a super accurate, super realistic, animated and lighted ZF-1!
thank you so much again Jake for your crazy smart brains and for doing this for us!



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Hi everyone,

I have just uploaded the Horizontal Frame bending guide on my YouTube channel.

You can find it here:

ZF1 Horizontal Frame Bending Guide

For anyone building their ZF1 kits, please make sure you watch and follow this video as it's an important step in building your ZF1. Make sure you double check each bend before embarking on the bend!

Those buyers in the first batch waiting on their assembled DX ZF1's will be glad to know I have started painting and prepping the shells of each of their ZF1's.


First layer of 2k filler primer...

Quick sand of the second layer of filler primer...getting there!

For those building your own, it is worth buying some cans of high build filler primer or car body filler or something similar. It doesn't take long to get it to a point that you can start spraying the final base coat but it does require some work.

I would recommend putting big slugs of superglue behind the joins of the shell segments, in order to add strength, and using CA activator. Use the body filler to fill any of the bigger gaps but use multiple heavy layers of the filler primer/ high build primer to deal with the print layers.

All this will be included in my next guide video on 'How to paint your ZF1 kit'.

Thanks everyone!


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I finally had the time to view the assembly videos for the kit. I am completely blown away by the detail and engineering that went into the creation of this kit. It is a work of art! It will be the centerpiece of my prop collection.

I hope everyone that has the chance to own one of these kits or the completed prop appreciate the vast amount of time that obvious went into the research and prototyping for this project.


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More pictures of painting progress.


Each part is sprayed with 2k filler primer and all surface imperfections are sanded or filled.


Sprayed black (pointless casting these in black in hindsight!)


Finished with the closest matching aluminium paint.


The first 6 shells are almost ready for their initial tan base coat (sixth not pictured)

Hopefully the next post will involve weathering the aluminium frames and initial assembly.

Thanks for looking everyone!


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Scope, trigger and lifting mechanisms have been installed on each ZF1. I have also installed the horizontal frames, gold frames and main control boards.

I also received my first picture of a customer-built ZF1!


This is a standard kit ZF1 built by someone with no previous knowledge of electronics or prop building, built using my YouTube guide videos. It moves, lights up and works perfectly. All he has to do is paint it!

I’m really proud of this as the kits do not work if they cannot be built so this really encourages me and hopefully all you kit builders out there.

Lots more videos still to come on various aspects of the prop but this is a fantastic start.

More pictures soon!
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Absolutely phenomenal Jake! Looks like a Zorg Industries assembly line there, haha. SO great to hear how easy the user got along with assembly. Love it!


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Hey Jake, by the way, I used Tamiya TS-16 for the yellow rocket paint and I like the result, yours look awesome as well, can I ask what paint you used for them so people can have a bit of choice if they need help for that :)
really impressed with the black look on the aluminium frame too! guys, I'm actually so jealous of those of you that get the assembled DX painted ZF-1, it will look awesome, I don't know if I'll ever have the time to paint my frame or re paint the shells!

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