Interest 'The Fifth Element' ZORG Industries ZF1 - Kit interest (Metal frame, 3D printed components, full electronic movements and lighting)


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Should have put 'polarity protection diode'! It stops your nice new circuit board puffing into smoke if you plug the battery in the wrong way round. Simple!

I hope you don't mind me mentioning my observations and questions. It seems like every time I do though, you've already got it addressed, or have plans to. If you'd rather me do it via DM just let me know. I just figure there might be more dummies like me out there with the same questions.

I am counting on the communities questions and feedback to help make the assembly guides and overall presentation of this kit as accessible as possible. Right now I have someone building one of my ZF1 kits who has never built anything like this before, and I am already discovering small helpful pointers that will be feeding back into the videos.

Regarding progression of the kits, I have packed up the first of the 'electronics box's'.




It contains:
  • 5 servos
  • Main Control Board
  • Front and Rear LED boards
  • Scope power loom
  • Main power loom
  • Trigger switch
  • Front and back slider switches
  • Yellow power button
  • Rocket fins
  • Darts
  • Conduit lengths
  • Top cannon barrel parts
  • Stainless steel rods
  • Threaded rod
  • Battery
  • Battery charger.


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Latest user guide is up.

It details the electronic components, the Main Control Board, its setup and operation and initial servo setup.

This is the first video that needs to be watched, hence the Pt.1.

The purpose of this video is to become accustomed to how to setup and operate your ZF1. There are a few mechanisms that need adjusting once the prop has been completed and the Main Control Board will help you do that, without the need for pulling the prop apart and pulling your hair out.

It differs from the previous videos in that it has incredible live-action footage of my hands, behind black gloves. I have tried very hard to find myself a jacket similar to Gary Oldman's ZORG so that it looks as if he's telling you how to set up the ZF1 but alas, it has been to no avail.

As with all the other videos, this will be updated with new content, either with small video inserts or illustrations on the areas of the video that are still unclear so do not be afraid to throw some feedback back my way. It all helps create a much clearer picture for everyone!
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Just watched it. Awesome! Makes sense even to ME! :)
I'm sure I'll still have questions once I get it in my hands, assemble, and test it out. I was going to ask you if the board is accessible once everything is fully assembled, but I see you even thought of THAT and mention at the end of the vid that it is. Genius!
Again, REAL nice work on EVERYTHING! A marvel of engineering! Tell your brain I said "well done!" ;)


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"I have tried very hard to find myself a jacket similar to Gary Oldman's ZORG so that it looks as if he's telling you how to set up the ZF1 but alas"

Okay, if anyone does a really professional sounding Gary Oldman as Zorg impression, now is your time to shine.
Just sayin.


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Hello everyone,

I have a small update regarding kits.

The standard kits have all been shipped and will be with purchasers soon if they're not already.

The DX kits are all well into production. I am very pleased to say I have finally managed to get the SLA printing side of production working reliably enough that some parts are easier to print and send out directly, instead of taking moulds and casting them out.

Here are some pictures of the SLA parts (printed in black because they are either finished in black, or aluminium so look best with a black undercoat)


These are the torch holders. It is a fairly complicated part to cast so I have decided to print them on my SLA resin printer and use them as production parts.


Pictured components include trigger bodies, knobs, nozzles and screen surrounds. They are all absolutely gorgeous to look at and the detailing is remarkable. I'm very happy and I know you will be too. There are enough parts here for 8 kits so more to print still.


This is a part of the flame igniter component, modelled directly from a Butane Micro Torch I used on my original ZF1. These parts all slot together to make up the igniter component.


Finally I have a picture of the more iconic parts of this prop; the Voyager hull, Estes rocket tip and slotted rocket vent and ring. These parts are going to be mould and cast. I have designed and printed the mould jackets and will be pouring silicone this weekend. If all goes to plan I hope to be shipping the first DX kits out by the 31st January.

Thank you so much for your patience, I think the wait will be worth it for you guys.

For anyone who bought an assembled ZF1, I will be starting assembly as soon as the DX kits have been organised, checked and sent off. You have not been forgotten!

Thanks for looking!


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