Interest 'The Fifth Element' ZORG Industries ZF1 - Kit interest (Metal frame, 3D printed components, full electronic movements and lighting)

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Hi everyone,

I have spent the last two years designing a kit for the Zorg ZF1 from 'The Fifth Element' film (If you haven't seen it, stop what you're doing and go and watch it...NOW!) I have built and developed ten ZF1's now, and feel the design is mature enough to share with The RPF.

Standard Kit

The features of this kit include:
  • Aluminium frame and sub-frames (3mm and 1.2mm components).
  • Metal components: Aluminium darts, stainless steel piston rods, aluminium and steel weapon parts for top bay, steel conduit for scope detailing, aluminium gold side frames, plus more..
  • 3D printed PLA components: Main shell, scope hull, rocket body and tip, all weapon nozzles, mechanism parts plus more..
  • Movie matched lighting animations and movements.
  • 5 servos for full movie accurate motion (2 x left and right dart launchers, 1 x scope, 2 x top bay).
  • Custom PCB 'control board' with colour coded plugs and sockets, easy to use 'servo trimming mode'.
  • Authentically modelled pistol grip and body shell.
  • Included 5aH NiMH battery and international battery charger.
  • Supplied textured matting and steel scope conduit.
  • Full assembly guide .PDF and YouTube videos.
  • Supplied bending jigs for aluminium frames
  • All screws and nuts supplied.
  • No electronic experience necessary! (No soldering, no crimping)

The cost will be: £500 plus postage and packing.
I will be shipping internationally from the UK.


(NOTE: This is an older picture and many of the parts have been updated/replaced for better versions)


It's a beast of a weapon in the movie and it's a beast in real life too; a fantastic bit of design. I have tried to do this prop justice by making it as authentic and as true to the original as possible. I have used very little artistic licence to achieve this, instead basing most design decisions on reference materials I have gathered over the years. The shell and grip have been carefully modelled. The Star Trek model kits have each been modelled in detail, down to each window on Voyagers hull. All found components have been sourced and measured to create highly accurate representations.

2021-11-12 (5).png

(The 3D model)

I have designed a kit that will be relatively straightforward to assemble. It requires basic tools and no electronics experience.

It is also, most importantly, a very solid foundation to build upon. It features many metal components, custom designed electronics for lighting and movement effects, LED lighting circuit boards, NiMH battery and charger. It gives the prop maker all the components to build a ZF1, without the fuss of having to worry about the cost of buying a fibreglass/ABS shell, what servos and lights to use and how to program them and where to buy the £120/$150's(!) worth of Star Trek kits needed to detail the prop!


(A completed ZF1 built entirely from components found in the kit)

The 3D printed components are produced on my Prusa i3's, FDM printers printing at 0.2mm layer heights. They are good quality prints, perfect for marching around a cosplay convention, especially considering the weight savings! However, they can also be easily removed. All 3D printed components are screwed to the aluminium frame, and using the supplied assembly guide and assembly videos I will be producing, can be upgraded. They are accurate to the film, so can be used as reference for machining in metal or casting in resin. They can be also be sanded, filled and sprayed to look exactly like the reference materials. Some parts, like the blue maglite torch bodies, can be swapped out directly for their found part alternatives (I will be compiling a list of found parts and where to find/purchase them in the user guide)


(A completed, kit-built ZF1 with included NiMH battery and charger)

Needed tools (absolutely necessary for building these kits):
  • Allan keys
  • Small hammer
  • Pliers
  • Craft knife
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Super glue (or two part epoxy)
Recommended tools:
  • Super glue activator (very useful!)
  • Thread locker
  • oil or lubricant

The main shell will also need to be painted. I will be supplying a .PDF template with each camouflage pattern, the required RAL numbers, as well as a guide to how to paint the patterns and speckle effect.

Deluxe Kit

For the hardcore fans. Those who want highly detailed, film quality components from the outset, I am also offering a 'deluxe kit'. All the visible components are replaced with resin printed, high resolution versions. This will allow you to create a perfect replica of the ZORG Industries ZF1, and will allow it to take pride of place in your display cabinet.

These parts will upgrade the following (resin unless stated otherwise):
  • The main barrel and barrel ring (aluminium body with printed internals)
  • Barrel and scope pistons (turned aluminium)
  • Left and right arms (machined aluminium)
  • Rocket tip and other weapon nozzles.
  • Rocket Vents.
  • Left and right arm brackets.
  • Left and right dart launcher hatches
  • Lower hand grip
  • Pistol grip
  • Scope hull
  • Various other miscellaneous components
  • Water decals for rocket tip and blue torch holder.



(ZF1 scope hull - accurately modelled from a Star Trek Voyager model kit)


(Main barrel - separates into two to allow access to battery)


(Side arms - machined aluminium and resin parts)


(Brass flamer nozzle)


(NOTE: Not complete, more parts to be added. Missing are: Pistol grip, lower grip, scope hull amongst others)

More pictures to come!

These parts will need painting to the finish of your choice.

The cost will be: £750 plus postage and packing.

I will be making an initial batch of 10 kits available around Christmas however I cannot guarantee delivery for Christmas day. I will be using these 10 people as 'beta testers', and using all feedback to help iron out any unforeseen issues. Each purchaser will receive a kit and a PDF user guide for construction. I will also be on hand, via email, skype, WhatsApp etc to answer any questions or solve any issues they may have.

I need to assemble a list of people who would be interested in a standard or deluxe kit. Please comment on here or DM me and I will get back to you. I will need a deposit of 50% to move the purchase forward, as this money will go towards paying for the materials to assemble the kits, with the remainder + P&P paid before shipping.

Please remember, you can always buy the higher detail parts at a later date. The base kit can be disassembled and the parts replaced. Contact me if you'd like further information on this.

If you would like to be put on my waiting list for a future kit, please message me and I will do just that. If anyone has any questions, feel free to get in touch.

And finally...

For anyone wanting a ZF1, but who doesn't have the time or patience to build and paint one, I am offering a ZF1 construction service.

£800 for an assembled, painted and finished ZF1 model using the standard kit.

£1200 for an assembled, painted and finished ZF1 model using the deluxe kit.


Jake Eaton
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I REALLY wish I could put one of these together but my work doesn't allow me the time needed, if you ever decide to sell a finished one I would be VERY interested.

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I'm definitely buying one however, it will not be until after the first of the year. I have wanted one of these since I first saw the movie in the theater!
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DM'd about getting the Deluxe Kit. :)

Anyone unfamiliar with Jake's work (like I was), check out his other threads on the ZF1. This thread doesn't do it justice... not just the quality, but things that light up and actually MOVE and pop-up/out. The amount of work that's gone into developing this is just INSANE (as I believe Jake is as well).

It IS a lot of money. But when you look at the work that went into making such an exact, precise, and "interactive" prop AND what you get, it's actually quite a good deal. Really looking forward to it. :)



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Just opened mine today! (I ordered the complete assembled “lower priced” ZF1 finished by Jake with the printed parts.)

It’s an absolute work of art! This is a prop that’s SO unique it it’s design and functionality…I honestly never thought it would be replicated!

I plan on replacing a few of the printed parts with the resin and metal parts. BUT you wouldn’t have to! It’s beautiful as it is, but it’s super cool that you can upgrade it as you go!

Jake’s professionalism and communication is second to none! If you’ve been buying props as long as I have you run into some makers who ghost you after the money hits. Jake has gone over and above to offer instructions and advice. My highest review!

He packs these things in a cocoon of multiple boxes and packing peanuts. A trip “across the pond” was not a problem!

Go buy one! Zorg needs you!


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I have been working on the assembly instructions for the ZF1 prop and thought I'd show a very rough version of what I am aiming for.

I want to demonstrate the construction process through a series of videos. They will use my 3D model to demonstrate the order of assembly. As well as this, I will also film a live demo of the assembly, from start to finish. I will also film short videos on a number of the slightly technical areas of the build, or areas where I think a short demonstration would help people out (things like servo trimming and aluminium bending).

I am hoping this short video will demonstrate the straight forward, step-by-step nature of construction of one of my ZF1 replicas.

The final video will have better editing, much smoother movements and more detailed annotations, including part specifications (things like screw types, lengths). I will probably also cut in 'live action' video for things like conduit installation and the black lining in the bottom half of the shell.

Thanks for looking!



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THAT is freakin' cool. But geez, it seems like so much more work than just making a bunch of vids of yourself putting it together. But hey, whatever works for you Jake.

Have you done an actual count on how many pieces this kit has? If you include the nuts (like you) and bolts, it's gotta be well over 1000. Like I said... INSANE! ;)


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