The fallen kinght


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  • This saber is called fallen Knight.
    just after graduating to Jedi knight, a young Jedi was cut down, like many other on the night that order 66 was put into effect, by Darth Vader(formally known as anakin skywalker) the you Jedi put up a valiant fight ,but was sadly no match for the new sith lord. The young Jedi Knights lightsaber went into a large pile with the rest of the e fallen Jedi at the temple, while cleaning the temple ,one member of the cleaning crew snaked this saber from the pile and it has been circulating the galaxy ever since.

    -RGB LED
    -18500 tcss battery
    -plecter labs Prizm sound card
    -two black momentary swiches
    -crystal chamber reveal core
    -plain profile with slight weathering