The Expanse: MCRN Tachi (Rocinante) paper model WIP

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I really want a model of the Rocinante/Tachi from the Expanse and I'm not spending $200 for the Fantastic Plastic resin kit (I'm a cheap *******), so I have decided on a two pronged approach. I found an excellent paper model whick I am currently building so I can get some experience with the broad stokes of the overall design. Once that's done I plan to scratch build my own using primarily styrene sheet. I may do some kit bashing here and there for detail, but it's mostly flat planes so the design should work out well in plastic. I'll also have to figure out a strategy for the drive cone, possibly turning it out of wood on a lathe and then casting it in resin, but that's quite a bit down the road.

But first comes finishing the paper model. I managed to get most of the drive section done this weekend, with the exception of the supports and small detail bits on the cone. I'm really impressed with how well this kit is designed so far.


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Looks great, really nice and clear lines.
As an experienced paper modeler (well at least I think I am experienced :D ) I can only give you one advice. Not sure if this paper model will be only for reference for that mentioned scratch plastic model but If not and you would like to display this model, paint those white edges with appropriate colors. I always do this before part assembly as a next step after I cut the part out of the paper sheet - it's easier to paint these edges when the part is flat, rather than paint it after assembly. Most of the time I use tempera colors - easy to mix and if they dried out on your palette, you can "revive" them with touch of water.
Coloring the edges move every paper model to a whole new level. White edges distract the eyes and they are way too prominent on the final model than they should be.


Thanks Spendlik! I do plan on painting the edges, never thought about doing it before gluing up though. And wile I will definitely be using it for reference, I plan on displaying this one as well. It's a lot of work to go through just to trash it. :)


I made some progress on the Tachi over the last couple of days. and got the body of the cargo section blocked out. There is a very slight twist along what I'm going to call the Z axis of the section (through the front of the ship), but overall I'm happy with how it came together. The geometry only gets tougher from here though. This build is really giving me a lot of appreciation for the forms of this ship and is also opening my eyes as to how difficult a build in plastic will be. She's almost all flat planes, but the devil is in the details, as they say. I'll need to be extremely precise in my cutting and gluing.



I've made good progress on the Tachi, all of the major structural subassembles are built and now it's just a matter of getting all of the detail bits built a d stuck on. The forward section was very gnarly, and there are some minor fit issues, but most of them are covered up by the PDC housings and torpedo launchers.

Forward hull halves and the underlying structure.

Forward hull with all of the bigger assemblies attached.

Test fit of all three sections. She's really starting to look like a ship!


Now I just need to get the dozens of detail bits put on and paint the raw edges. The finish line is in sight.

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I'm closing in on the finish line, just a handful more parts to finish (drive cone greeblies and the detailed boxes around the join between the cargo module and the service module. A lot of the toner on the sensor/antenna masts got flaked off in the glue up process, but that's easily fixed with paint.

Service/Crew Module complete and glued to the Cargo Module.

Underside of the Service/Crew Module:

The whole ship stacked.


The build is done, now all that's left is to touch up the fold lines and edges. She's not perfect but I'm happy with the results. And when I start on my scratch build, she'll serve as an excellent guide.





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