The Epic Thread


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This is more than likely not the right place for this thread seeing that it involves my original characters and not an existing Marvel one. Mods, please move if necessary.

Introducing EPICMAN, and his sidekicks Epicboy and Epicgirl! He may not be the hero Centennial City deserves, but he's the one it's stuck with.

This thread is where I would like to share our suit upgrades (as they come), photos from events we do, and once I start, the web comic we've been developing. There's no way of knowing where we'll go with it, but this is a character (and series) we would like to see become viral. It's all meant to poke fun at existing heroes and nerdism in general, kind of like the HISHE videos.

But when we get to a point, much like with my involvement in the Mandalorian Mercs, we would like to use our characters to promote awareness and charity for... well, whoever wants us.

Anyways, I don't have too many pictures yet, and the ones I do aren't exactly recent, but to give y'all an idea...