The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim Dragon Priest Masks All of them

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    Here you go guys, just thought I'd share these with you...By the way, this is my first prop build ever...

    The first one(Krosis) I made on a whim.

    Here's the process : I used air drying modelling clay, cardboard, superglue and watercolor and acrylic paints. I've cut out the cardboard, for clay support and then soaked the surface a bit, so the clay would adhere. Then I added the first layer on top of which I added the details (having to make a rather large batch, I made stencils for the details so I would cut them pretty much the same each time)
    After much sanding and adding more clay I painted them then coated them in clear matte lacquer...

    Here's some photos of the build (wish there were more) :

    View attachment 81277
    View attachment 81278
    View attachment 81279

    I tried to make them wearable...Krosis, with smoke coming out... View attachment 81287

    And a circlet :
    View attachment 81288
    View attachment 81289

    All of them (minus Krosis), on my couch, badly cropped photo :lol:

    View attachment 81286

    Thanks for reading guys! Btw, I'm making the dragonborn helmet now, same materials, but taking lots more pictures.

    Later edit : Here's the lot, in a photobucket album :
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    Wow amazing job man!
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    amazing! I have a group of friends doing this with me for comic con :D They're going as dragoon priests, and I'm going as deagonborn to battle them.
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    Very cool.

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