The droids nobody was ever looking for (Treadwell and Septoid WED fellas)

Matte Painter

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These started out as a commission to go with my Gonk but I couldn't leave them as just tiny 1:43 jobs, I had to scratch that higher res itch. Some stuff is a bit chonkier for 3D printing reasons.
I'm in the process of printing these out but posting these now just in case someone can spot any agregious errors before I finish them.

Septoid is mostly from screengrabs from the Star Wars Blu-ray and the Treadwell is mostly from ESB and the deleted scenes from Star Wars (I think some of her arms changed between the two movies).

Treadwell_Final Color Output0000_1280px.jpg
Treadwell_Final Color Output0001_1280px.jpg
The first one looks the most useful…this is what I envision the out-of-commission repair robot from the ST:II TWOK novel looking like. Though in A NEW HOPE, it just doesn’t say “droid” to me.

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