The Definitive Willy Wonka Costume Thread


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Me and I'm guessing many others have wanted this, look I'm no expert but that's the point of this forum, to gather vast groups of experts in many fields.

Willy Wonka is complicated costume, be it Wilder's version or some of Depp's suits so any help on everything would be much appreciated by many costumers and newcomers alike:)
Johnny's Willy Wonka looks very much like late Victorian or Edwardian clothing, pants, a paisely patterned shirt with a stand up collar and a double breasted waistcoat with a high round neck.

Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka is an almost straight up Victorian outfit. A Purple velvet frock coat, a single breasted collared waistcoat in a very horrendous purple flowered pattern, white shirt, a large poofy tie and gray pants.
I spent alot of time and research on the Johnny Depp version..
Start with the Red Balls jacket..They did all the work for you ..
I made the band for the hat(the hat cost me $60)
The collar and cuffs are fake attachments and give the illusion of a full shirt..
The vest I made from a modified old style military coat pattern that I just used half the pattern to make a vest..
The watchfob is just chain and a wooden ball painted silver..
I found the purple gloves on eBay ..They are closer to the purple Depp gloves than anything I've seen...
I made the cane from scratch..the base of the cane was plastic molded by myself to look like the real cane..
If you need any detailed info on any of the steps, I'll gladly help..
Hope the attachments are viewable

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FYI ...
There's a guy who makes the most amazing Johnny Depp(most characters)costumes if you want to get a closer look ...Google "SithCamaro" The guy is absolutely amazing..
FYI ...
There's a guy who makes the most amazing Johnny Depp(most characters)costumes if you want to get a closer look ...Google "SithCamaro" The guy is absolutely amazing..

Ive seen his work and am very impressed, as i am with your Wonka costume, what did you use to make the hat band?
The band was made from a burlap material, and it was actually tan...I dyed it black..Then stitched the blue in with a machine...I'm lucky to have a fabric warehouse store near me to find all this stuff...Remember..It's all about getting from point A to point B...Sometimes you have to just match the textures first and use dyes to get the effect..And be anal about matching colors...Those little things really make the difference..I went through over 30 reds to find the closest red to the band underneath the black one..And about 20 blues to find the right thread for the stitching...




This was my costume for Halloween back in 2010 =3
does anyone have the W pin for sale? willing to buy this since sith cameroo seems to have retired.

I was just going to take a crack at making my own. My son is dying to be Willy for Halloween. I'm quite a crafty chick and I make jewelry. My plan is:

Find a good sized "W" online and print it up as a pattern/template.
Trace it on good sturdy cardboard (better than card stock; IE, and old cereal box or from a cardboard box).
Spray paint it in gold or use a paint pen in gold and color the "W." Let dry.
Use a hot glue gun to add a pin finding to the back and glue the "W" to that...let it dry overnight.


What say you? I'll post pics of mine when I get it done.
I would love to know more about the making of the cane :)

Me too.. I've been looking into the relevant tubing/rods and also trying to find the knob on the top or something similar I can paint up. It's frustrating as this is one of the last few parts I need to make!
I've taken it upon myself to design and print the waistcoat material onto Satin - this is gonna take me a while and is just a start.

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